All along the watchtower….

We will be watching:

Turkish  League Demands   Media Censorship in Germany

Even more censorship? The Turkish League in Berlin-Brandenburg (TBB), which promotes itself e as “presenting all Berliners of Turkish origin to all Berlin institutions”, called on the Federal Government  to “immediately start up a media monitoring centre to tackle the racist discourses”, which means censorship. (Not permissible under the German constitution)   But who knows? Dhimmitude is contagious, perhaps its only a matter of time.

The Turks don’t  like  the media-blowback against the hateful  Mely Kiyak,  “favorite columnist” of the Türkish League, who will be  rewarded with a solidarity dinner on 8 June by the Turks for her  contemptuous smears and attacks on Thilo Sarrazin.(In German from PI)

The Turks, highly critical of any reports about Islam, hijab, Musel-crime or murder, do not display this kind of sensitivity back in the old country. For example, today’s beheading in Berlin is still not reported by  Germany’s MSM, but  Hürriyet  (German Version) delivers all gory details, uncensored…..

“Death Threats No Reason For Expulsion”

Bad News from the Netherlands:

 Abu Qaasim called Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders “a dog of the Romans” and said that “we will deal with him when in the Netherlands an Islamic state will be established.” He advised Wilders to learn from what happened to Theo van Gogh (a Dutch media makewho was murdered in 2004 by the radical Muslim Mohammed Bouyeri). Opstelten said that there is no reason to prohibit the movement, as it has no legal status. There is also no reason to expel individual members of the movement, or to take their Dutch nationality away. He added that members are “watched.”
British Muslim Preacher Abu Abdullah Al-Britani spoke on Saturday at a conference of radical Muslims in Amsterdam. He called the Dutch people “lower than animals.” He added that the Netherlands are a dirty and filthy country which forces women into prostitution. Al-Britani called the parliamentarians Ahmed Marcouch (Labor) and Tofik Dibi (green Left) surrogate Muslims and idiots.

4 thoughts on “All along the watchtower….”

  1. Does anyone know what the slur, “a dog of the Romans” is supposed to mean? I looked it up via google, but could not find anything. I would gather it implies ‘owned’ by the Romans. But, since Rome has not been in power for a thousand years. It does not make sense.

    “The Dutch are lower then animals.”

    Ha. Talk about projection. It is the Muslims that squat like one to defaecate and its the Muslims who have religious guidelines on how to shag animals. So, their shared behavioral traits with animals mark them being closer to animals.

  2. Sure the ‘Roman dog’ makes ‘sense’- when you consider that all of Islam is stuck in the 7th century. There is also the cursed ‘Shiia rafidah’- the most hated sect considered renegades, blown up almost daily during their ashura processions, either in their mosques or when they beat themselves bloody.

    And strangely, you never hear either group complain; its accepted as if it was the most natural thing on earth. But imagine for one moment if a western infidel blew up a mosque, all hell would break lose and we would never hear the end of it.

    The Qur’an prohibits taking friends from among unbelievers (Q.3:28), calls them najis (filthy, impure) (Q.9:28) and orders harshness against them (Q.9:123). According to Muhammad, unbelievers are the “vilest animals” in the sight of God. (Q.8:55) ”

    You might be surprised to know that muslims regard their toilet habits far more sophisticated than ours:

    We have counted almost 70 rules about how to urinate and defecate. In contrast, how do those … Some of the 70 Islamic ways to shit and piss: …

  3. Forgive me! I can’t help noticing, I see some bullshit, and then I have to respond, I see a big mistake. In the clipping from the German Newspaper I see a mistake, There is written, “Allah is groß” but that is wrongly translated, it is not “Allah is big”, but it is “Allah is bigger!” Because if there is nothing to compare it with it cannot be big. Then one could only talk about an existence, and nothing more. If it is said that Allah is big, then there is something else to compare it with, therefor the other god has to be smaller. If there is no other god, you can’t compare it at all. So, in the words “Allah is big” of “Allah is bigger” is also enclosed that the other remarks about Allah are faulty. In those words is proof that there is an other god, if there would not have been another, Allah would not have been big or bigger.

  4. @Sheik,

    Sometimes, despite everything I read and have experienced with Muslims, I forget that they are in a perpetual state of arrested development. You’re right Sheik, in that context, the quote makes sense.

    “You might be surprised to know that muslims regard their toilet habits far more sophisticated than ours.”

    I have come to the conclusion, that in a desperate attempt to fight feelings of inferiority, Muslims over compensate with a pseudo superiority complex and recreate the world around them with some kind of embracement of a Bizaaro world existence.

    Where everything archaic and outdated is correct. Superstition and ignorance is knowledge. Modernity is seen as arrogance. Hate is love. Violence is peace and so on…but, deep down they know the truth and as generations have been taught that Allah is on their side, they’re angry at the injustice of it all.

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