Australians told to be cold in winter and hot in summer

Making the poor feel cold is the big green idea (Andrew Bolt)

Its a ‘cultural shift’,  you see. And its all ‘good for the environment’.

Note that our unelected nanny in chief is shifting along with the watermelons:


“As your Prime Minister I can’t accept that any citizen doesn’t have the right to be warm in the winter and cool in summer...”


If this forces people to examine their use of air-conditioners, and perhaps to use them less, then well and good. It would save power and be better for the environment.

For some, it’s a scandal that people are scare to turn on the heating. To green preachers, the glorious day has arrived:

‘’It’s about putting the blankets out on the couches and getting the door snakes out, redressing the window for winter, and thinking ‘have we got our slippers out, and are we ready for it?’,’’ she said.

‘’It’s about embracing energy efficiency as a cultural shift.’’


Simon Benson:

To heat or to eat.

3 thoughts on “Australians told to be cold in winter and hot in summer”

  1. Put on a jumper, you softies! I totally agree! Why do Australians have to be boiling hot in winter and freezing cold in summer? Put up with a bit of climate, you weakies! Nothing to do with being environmentally-correct, I just think Australians should toughen up…hard times are coming and we have to be ready to cope, not just think of our comfort all the time!

  2. The cold I can deal with more than with the heat. Growing up out in the hot west, had no choice but to put up with the heat. Our father used to send us out to weed the garden on those HOT days!! Even now try very hard not to use air con unless really need to.

  3. I think you’re missing the point: the Gillard gubmint wants to make electricity unaffordable. Look at where petrol prices are and where this globull worming madness takes us!

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