Australia's 'Boat People' Racket

Why was the man allowed to stay here as a “refugee”?

CAPTAIN Emad, the alleged people-smuggler who fled Australia following a blizzard of national publicity, was targeted by the Australian Federal Police in a drugs raid last year.

And when will his wife and daughter be stripped of their taxpayer-supplied housing – and their own “refugee” status?–When will Emad’s family be evicted? (Andrew Bolt)

Australia Needs a Cultural Enrichment Prevention Program

Why import enemies of democracy?

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The Press Council warns us not to call such people illegal immigrants – or else:

The permissible PC term is  “irregular maritime arrivals” 

(Unfortunately, the boats arrive daily now, so the arrivals are quite ‘regular’)

BORDER Protection authorities have acknowledged a number of the boats that have arrived in Australia over the past 12 months appear to have originated from India amid concerns smugglers are using India as a staging point for the long journey to Australia.

The Left’s Definition of  ‘Fair & Balanced’ Means No Opposing Views

Three out of three panellists on The Drum – funded by taxpayers on the condition it be balanced – agree that the Opposition is being mean to boat people and making a fuss about nothing.—Why isn’t Long more upset when boat people drown?