Australia's Muslim Bludgers & Our "New Asylum Seeker Policy"

Welcome to Bludgetown, Western Sydney

CAROLINE MARCUS/thanks to Mullah

THE deputy mayor of Bankstown has attacked his own constituents for being too lazy to find work, blaming “cultural traits” for having the highest unemployment rate of all Sydney council areas. (He’ll have a fartwa on his ass if he doesn’t watch his mouth. How dare this filthy kafir complain when he’s already got the muslim vote!)

More cultural traits at theTelegraph

No Passport, No Pass!

Tim Blair,  back in January:

No passport, no entry by any means. That simple rule would stop boats faster than any complex processing tactics.


Asylum seekers who arrive in Australia without a passport or identity papers are being targeted in the federal Opposition’s new refugee policy.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is concerned many asylum seekers are deliberately destroying their papers to confuse officials assessing their refugee status.

Bizarrely, immigration minister Chris Bowen claims that the opposition’s passport-requirement policy would “introduce another layer of bureaucracy to asylum seeker processing”.

4 thoughts on “Australia's Muslim Bludgers & Our "New Asylum Seeker Policy"”

  1. The Indonesians should photocopy all passports of anyone arriving in Indonesia who is suspected of planning to move on to Australia as an asylum seeker. After all, they use passports to get to Indonesia by plane, don’t they?

  2. Good idea, but that would actually mean that Indonesia would need to do something for us, a country full of infidels. It ain’t gonna happen.

  3. Fingerprints and DNA should be taken. The UN is selling refugee status anyway. Just ban the dole bludging f*kers. That Emad dude was running a sucessful business in Malaysia for 20 years before he got onto the ‘refugee’ racket. What a bunch of dopes they have in the AFP and government.
    Now we’ve got the Salvos , the Uniting Church and Mission Australia leading this march- geez, aren’t the $10K welcome packs, instant dole and free housing enough?
    F*k these charities too- double dipping rich ‘refugees’ are more important than our own poor???

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