Bilal Philips believes in freedom of speech, absolutely; and he wants homosexuals killed.

But the good news is “Dr” Philips doesn’t want to kill them in Canada, he wants to kill them only in lands where the sharia is firmly established. It will be a while before Canada is ready for that……

Muslim hate preacher who advocates death for homosexuals to speak in Calgary

The irony here is that Canadian authorities will likely do nothing but cite the freedom of speech and allow him to speak — but counter-jihadists who preach the rule of law and equality of rights for all people? Forget it. Shut them down. “Controversial Muslim preacher to speak in Calgary,” by Nadia Moharib for QMI Agency, June 9 (thanks to JW):


Canada’s ridiculous hate-speech racket will be stopped (Mark Steyn)

CALGARY – The controversial Muslim preacher who says homosexuals are evil and advocates for their death is set to speak at an upcoming event in Calgary.Dr. Bilal Philips, a Canadian-born Muslim preacher with reputed links to terrorists who’s been ousted from several countries, is to be a speaker at the Power of Unity Conference.

The event, being held by the Muslim Council of Calgary June 29 to July 1, aims to celebrate multiculturalism and more than a half-century of Islam in Canada….

Ald. Diane Colley-Urquhart said Philips’ track record is concerning, but he will be monitored during his Calgary visit to ensure he doesn’t cross the line from freedom of speech to pushing hatred.

“I absolutely believe in freedom of speech,” she said….

Philips was kicked out of Kenya earlier this year amid security concerns.

Britain and Australia have barred him and Germany kicked him out last year.

On his website, the Islamic convert said AIDS is a message from God about the perils of homosexuality and last year in Toronto he was quoted as saying “according to Islamic law, homosexuals should be executed if caught in the act.”…

3 thoughts on “Bilal Philips believes in freedom of speech, absolutely; and he wants homosexuals killed.”

  1. Just like other religionr Islam has its own rules and regulections and must be obeyd wether it is arab or non arab…

  2. I don’t beleive in God/Allah but accept it is possible. What I don’t get is how all religious people are 100% convinced that their religion is right and the rest all wrong!

  3. Yellard,
    I think that it is called blind faith, which is an expression of ignorance, selfishness, and blind cowardice in the case of the islamist. Additionally, change your monker /name) if it is your emal address. muslims will try and hassel you using your email address if you say something they don’t like.

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