"Blocking filth on net not censorship"

And who decides what that filth is? Why, the same people who  feel threatened by our G-d given freedom of speech, of course.  In Australia, that would be the Gillards, the KRudds, and village idiots like Stephen Conroy.

“Learning from Malaysia?”

Malaysian communication minister: “Blocking filth on net not censorship”

When a Muslim owned and operated government such as Malaysia’s speaks about freedom of any kind, doublespeak, doublethink and equivocation are sure to follow. And in this case, what the ‘moderate’ Malaysian Muslim Minister of Information doesn’t mention is at least as important as what he does mention. Namely, that criticism of Islam would almost certainly be considered as ‘filth’ by Malaysia’s government–after all, this well-known site critical of Islam (and this lesser well-known one owned by yours truly) have both been blocked in Malaysia (among other similar sites), despitestrenuous promises to the contrary. From ‘Blocking filth not censorship’ by Teh Eng Hock, The Star, 6 June 2012:

SHAH ALAM: Enforcing laws to block filth on the Internet does not mean the Internet is being censored, said Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.

So, blocking websites that Muslims don’t like is not censorship. Got that? And to point out the inherent flaw in this sort of Islamic ‘thinking’ would no doubt be Islamophobic.

“Cheating, gaming or gambling, pornography and child pornography and phishing are offences.

He neglected to mention that criticism of Islam is also an offence under Malaysian law.

To disregard this purely for freedom of the Internet is not right,” he said after opening the Selangor 1Malaysia Social Media Convention here yesterday.

He was responding to a suggestion by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that Malaysia should enforce some form of regulatory control to block filth and punish those who corrupt the minds of Internet users.

You mean those controls are not already in place in this country? Doctor Mahathir, who was Malaysia’s prime minister for over twenty years and who is an Islamic apologist and jihadist enabler par excellence, could only be referring to corrupting the minds of Muslim Internet users.

Dr Rais said he was happy to accept Dr Mahathir’s view as the former premier had previously guaranteed freedom of the Internet.

Dr Rais said the Government is seeking to curb users from abusing the freedom of expression.

Allow me to rephrase the right honorable minister: the [Muslim] Government is seeking to curb users from abusing the freedom of expression, and to silence any and all voices of those critical of Islam.

3 thoughts on “"Blocking filth on net not censorship"”

  1. I deplore sexual violence on the internet, but I do not have to watch it. If I run across it I quickly close my browser and go elsewhere.
    I agree that child porn has to go as well as violence against women, ie. rape, etc. Muslims probably enjoy this kind of stuff.

    I think the U.N. wants to control the internet and perhaps this is why. The U.N. is controlled by Islam. The U.N. wants to control us. Therfore Islam wants to control us via the U.N.

    1. Child porn is not the issue because its already outlawed.

      So is violence, rape and all the rest.

      But these are just flares our minders are using to distract us, to hide their real intentions and to dictate what we are allowed to watch.

  2. Anything outside the MSM, (the propaganda arm of the left)
    and not like us, is a threat. We must control the narrative, dissenting thoughts are dangerous.

    They were not successful in attempting to control the narrative on the radio, especially conservative talking points, in the US with the Fairness Doctrine and the Sheik has cited the Australasia version with the Finkelstein Report.

    To control the internet would allow the left to shut down public criticism of governments, people and dodgy government programs and initiatives. The internet allows like minded people to congregate and share ideas. And that is just too dangerous, because these people just don’t think the ‘right way’ and have to be shown the error of their way.

    First, they will conjole, then it will be by menacing force, followed by reeducation camps and the final lesson will be your grave.

    No thank you we have already seen how that gets played out.

    If you are so confident in the righteousness of your religion or political viewpoint, then you have nothing to fear from someone with a different viewpoint. If your views are so good, you should be fearless and not fearful.

    So much for the left and free speech.

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