But-but-but: he is more intelligent than George W. Bush!?

“Let me be clear…”

“Let me be absolutely clear…”

More intelligent remarks from the anointed Zero:

‘Economy weak because not enough stimulus….”

Mark Steyn has his number:

Pamela Geller:

“The notion my White House would purposely release classified national security information is offensive”

  • The notion of Obama calling it “my White House” is offensive.
  • The notion that the White House would selectively leak national security intel to man up the feckless, reckless failure in the Oval office is offensive.
  • The notion that flagrant and obvious leaks would be denied by the leaking White House is offensive.
  • Obama’s massive domestic and foreign policy failures followed by lame, sloppy PR mop ups are offensive.

Obumbler removes Religious Freedom Section from Human Rights Reports

This. is. evil.

Obama should be driven from office by villagers with pitchforks and torches. How horrific. The Obama administration is importing whole Muslim communities from Islamic countries like Somalia. Their refugee status determined by the UN.

This immigration must stop. Many of these devout Muslims do not assimilate. They agitate for jihad and many return to Somalia (or Pakistan, Afghanistan) for training. Why are we importing hostile invaders?

We should be importing whole Christian communities or Hindu communities, etc., living (and dying) under the boot of the sharia. This should be a presidential campaign platform for Romney.

CAIR on a winning streak:

Hamas-CAIR Rep Calls For End To NYPD Counterterror Program On O’Reilly Factor

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  1. Excuse me, excuse me, the word is not “devout”. The word is “devoid”, as in, “devoid Muslims”.

  2. we need new judges in office. who still think this is the greatest nation in the world. and stand with laws of the land. not some islam law. this is not the AMERICAN way. our country don’t need fixing it is our government that is broke and needs a cleaning out. needs a good dose of ex-lax morning noon and at night should do the trick

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