We're on the Way to Becoming Caring & Compassionate Dodo's in Labor's Lala Land

Defense: a job Australians no longer want to do?

AUSTRALIA is boosting its ranks with foreign soldiers by offering cash bonuses of up to $200,000 and fast-tracked citizenship.

Veterans have hit out at hiring “mercenaries” from countries such as America, Germany and Singapore instead of recruiting more Australians… Figures obtained by the Herald Sun show 726 international military personnel have come to Australia since 2006.–  On hiring foreigners to defend our country (Andrew Bolt)

Jooliar’s shovel ready projects

Replacing the Natives With Mohammedan Cultural Enrichers


“Juu-lia, Juu-lia” – Julia Gillard mobbed by Muslim students

MELBOURNE: Prime Minister Julia Gillard was given a rousing welcome by hundreds of students of the Islamic College of Melbourne’s campus in Tarneit, about 20km west of here on Saturday.   —More enrichment at New Straits Times  (Mullah)

Jooliar Gillard visited a new Islamic mosque and cultural centre in Werribee, which the mayor said was ”the fastest-growing municipality in Australia”. (Mullah)

A policy not so compassionate to those bashed  (Bolt)

Again, what is the fairness – to us or them- in bringing in refugees who have trouble assimilating?

One of the state ‘s top police says young, ethnic gangs are increasingly bashing and robbing people in inner Melbourne.

Gangs of up to 10 people target vulnerable people in the city including those effected by alcohol, especially in lanes and isolated parks.

Assistant commissioner Steve Fontana has told Neil Mitchell many of the violent offenders are aged under 21 and young Africans are over-represented.

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  1. Why would a Politician be turning the first sod at a mosque and Islamic centre? I hope taxpayers money hasn’t gone towards this project.
    Why would these Muslims want a confirmed atheist to turn the sod at a new mosque??
    This whole thing stinks of a vote buying effort by our dhimmi PM.

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