Coexist… with this?

Terrorist Muslima Will Not Stand For  Infidel Judge

Court allows jihad fundraiser to remain seated when judge enters courtroom

We have seen it before:  we should be able to count on our justice system to enforce our rule of law.

But no:

Whenever Islamic law and American law conflict, it is American law that must give way. That’s the Islamic supremacist imperative. Does it matter that this means that Amina Farah Ali rejects the authority of the Infidel court? Not in the least. If she has American citizenship, it should be revoked and she should be shipped back to Somalia, but that would be too much hope n’ change for our current rulers.

 Sharia is completely incompatible with our freedoms and American jurisprudence. Minnesota Judge rules for sharia over American law in Minnesota

A Rochester woman who refused to stand when a judge entered the courtroom during her trial last year may have had a religious right to keep her seat, a federal appeals court has ruled.

Special Rights for those who hate Jews:

Almost one year after Kent State professor Julio Pino shouted “Death to Israel!” at a public lecture by a former Israeli diplomat, people are beginning to question why no disciplinary action has been taken against him by the university.   No penalty/discipline for jihadist “Death to Israel” Muslim Professor (Atlas Shrugs)

 ‘We want this Jew out of office’ 


“It is about time now for the French authorities to radically search for these Imams and put a stop to the brainwashing on tens of thousands of Muslim kids in France.”

“It is unacceptable that this culture of racism and antisemitism is being tolerated by a significant number of the Muslim community, this culture must stop,”—  French Jewish artist Ron Agam

“Coexist & Interfaith” Delusions in Canuckistan:

We can all learn from our younger generation of high school graduates who are not tainted with elements of bigotry toward other religions. Their natural friendships with each other represent the neighborly love taught by all major faiths, as evidenced by the newly formed La Cañada High School Coexist club.

Things people say:

Uzma Shakir, Paki community activist,  Sharia Law  advocate  for the neo-Marxist website rabble and Equity,  a self-righteous Diversity and Human Rights parasite, tells Canucks what integration and loyalty means:

“Immigrants do not owe their loyalty to Canada unquestioningly — Canada needs to earn that loyalty…“ 

How did Uzma Shakir get  the idea that Canada needs her?

Uzma Shakir, a gift that keeps on giving:

Just because we are doing social justice does not mean we are socially just.

 You can’t take a Paki from Karachi without importing a  mental baggage that would keep an army of psychiatrists busy for generations.  Uzma’s hubris, her Islamic supremacist sense of entitlement and her penetrant  grievance theatre  make her a blessing we don’t deserve.


“I was liberated in Pakistan, based on my class and family support. In Canada I feel very oppressed, marginalized. Here I had no daycare and all I can get is a shitty job.”

The honor killing of Aqsa Parvez had nothing to do with Islam, just another “tragedy”,  so Uzma makes sure the kafirs concentrate on “the post 9/11 erosion of civil rights”- she experienced great set-backs as a Muslim, and as a Muslim woman. (When? Where? How? She doesn’t say.)

“Traditional Western feminism hasn’t been able to help us; it has too much colonial baggage….”

Sharia it is then?

Shakir cites as one example the coalition of Canadian female advocates − including Canadian feminist author Margaret Atwood − that pressed for a ban on Islamic family law in Ontario in 2005, in spite of the fact that Ontario had allowed Catholic and Jewish faith-based tribunals to settle family law matters on a voluntary basis since 1991.

Shakir stresses that it is important for westerners to be aware of the fact that Islam, and aspects of Islam such as the Qur’an or Sharia law, have complex and multiple interpretations. “Western feminists want to ‘save’ Afghan women, Muslim women from themselves, rather than focus their critiques on the actions of men such as Stephen Harper and George Bush, whose policies have terrible consequences for the lives of Afghan and Muslim women.”

Yep, lets not take a closer look at sharia. Lets not look at the mohammedan madness of Uzma Shakir. Lets blame Stephen Harper and George Bush for the mental illness of Pakistani Muslims and import more muselmaniacs like her.

That will work out beautifully!

2 thoughts on “Coexist… with this?”

  1. They all look like arrogant sociopathic criminals to me.
    I will not co-exist with these desert fleas.

    They came to our country bringing their customs and baggage with them instead of leaving it at the door.

    They can conform to our ways lour laws, our customs or they can exit and go back to where their laws and customs are respected.

    We are not the nomadic tribes of North America.

    We are a new civilization that does not want to be pushed back into the Middle Ages by primitive Arabic laws of conquest.

    Our freedoms and liberties were fought hard for by our ancestors and we will fight equally as hard to keep them.

    Co-Exist on this finger and rotate!

  2. “Immigrants do not owe their loyalty to Canada unquestioningly”

    Uh, yeah you do. Being in Canada/US/UK/Australia/France etc., is a privileged not a right and if you can’t be loyal and respectful of your new home, stay in your third world shit hole.

    Why should we make any exceptions for Muslims? We didn’t do it for anyone else coming to our countries.

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