Convicted Moroccan Terrorist Wants to Stay in Canuckistan on Humanitarian & Compassionate Grounds

His ties to Canada are “almost nonexistent, ” he has  few friends and no family in Canada, and his 12-year-old son is in Morocco.

Da Joooos  made him become a terrorist:

Arguing his case before the Immigration Refugee Board recently, he complained he was the victim of a conspiracy involving the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Conservatives and Israel, and said he should not be deported in the interests of his child.

He said his dream was to die a martyr and have his son grow up a mujahedeen, or soldier of God Allah.

“Terrorism is in our blood, and with it we will drown the unjust,”

Once he has served his federal prison time, Canada intends to deport him back to his native Morocco. But now Namouh is quietly asking Ottawa to let him stay on “humanitarian and compassionate” grounds.