"Crotchman" does it again!

He has no idea about patriotism or respect.

I am sorry folks, but is this the jerk that was elected President of our country?

Who is this jerk? No salute, no hand over his heart, no respect for the fallen. The Marxist Muslim POTUS is an ongoing disgrace for America:

US veterans were denied access to the Vietnam Memorial on Memorial Day because Obama was going to give a speech there.

Obama Administration Denies Veterans Access to Vietnam Memorial on Memorial Day (GWP has video)

According to retired Lt General John Sylvester – 0bama was only there for 16 minutes, around 9:00 AM. They had the area closed until 3:00 PM.   FOX Nation reported, via Free Republic

More bad news:

One thought on “"Crotchman" does it again!”

  1. He is an embarassment to the US. He is thinks that all Americans are under his spell. He is not worthy to lead us. His only accomplishment is he will go down as the the worst pres., putting Carter as #2.

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