Jesus wants to kill all infidels?

The History of Religion as Learned in Public Schools

Ever since 9/11, liberals have indulged in the bizarre practice of shifting the sins of Islam onto Christians.

After all, radical Christianity is just as bad as yadda yadda yadda.

Main thing is that your kids learn to feel  guilty about the evil crusaders who attacked  the cuddly Muslims  totally unprovoked. (sarc/off)

Apparently it all makes sense — to brainwashed children:

Good boy, Bobby! You learned your lesson well. Your picture gets displayed so everyone can see how special you are.

In other parts of the nation there is homo-brainwashing going on:

Getting Them While They Are Young  (Moonbattery)

3 thoughts on “Jesus wants to kill all infidels?”

  1. Fundamentalist Islam is averse to homosexuality, too, because of the story about Lot in the Bible-Lot was living in this town where everyone was committing homosexual adultery, and someone or other came to visit, one of the people we’re supposed to be rooting for, and then men from the village and ask to “know” him (i.e., have sex with him), then Lot helps the visitor escape. After that, Lot’s wife sins and she turns into a pillar of salt, and the villagers die.

  2. yes, Islam is averse to homosexuality, and their prophets last orders were for muslims to kill them as a judgement from Allah…Christianity condemns homosexuality as un-natural, but leaves the judgement up to GOD, not man…. there lies the vast chasm between the two faiths..

  3. BTW, there is no such thing as Fundamental Islam, Islam is Islam…as said and affirmed by its imams, and muslims dont refer to the Bible as proof for any of their doctrines as they claim the Bible is perverted, corrupted, so the story of Lot would not matter to its possibly not true according to their own claims that the Bible is not infallible

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