Madonna Does Da'awa in Tel Aviv, Smears Le Pen as NAZI in Show

Its not like her 24-year old Muslim boyfriend could have any influence on the 53-year old whore with the Mickey Mouse voice. Nothing to do with Islam, as usual:

At a Madonna concert in Tel Aviv, subliminal images were broadcast on a large screen that showed a swastika superimposed on the face of Marine Le Pen.  Source: 20Minutes Via: (Islam vs Europe)

8 thoughts on “Madonna Does Da'awa in Tel Aviv, Smears Le Pen as NAZI in Show”

  1. damn broad should remember the death threats she got from muhammedan apes like his boyfriend.

  2. I could never stand this phoney pretentious woman and her pathetic fake English accent.

    I would like to cite, one actual anti-Semitic comment that Marine LePen has ever made.

  3. Talk about hypocrisy. It is always amusing when people who like to repeatedly state that they are open of other people are so judgmental.

    What exactly does Marine have to do with Israel? Russia is a far greater threat to Israel, not to mention the elephant in the neighborhood Iran. What a cowardly provocateur.

  4. I’m not the least bit surprised, the witch has always made my skin crawl.

  5. Ageing whore who would sleep with the murderer of little Jewish children (Mohamed Merah) if it would bring her publicity and money.
    Marine LePen is the only French politician who had the guts to stand up for French Jews and named the beast by its name: “these children were massacred in their school in Toulouse by a Muslim because they were Jewish”.

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