Mohammedanism in Germany

Germany bends over backwards to accommodate Koranimals

The cheque is in the mail, no doubt.Thanks to  via Mullah

Muslims are not “like any other immigrants”. Muslims are religiously obliged to spread Islam, to remove the ‘man-made law’ of the infidel and replace it with the law of allah, the sharia.

The so-called ‘Islam conference’ is a charade. Right  from the beginning it was nothing but a circus,  but now it has become an established  circus,  where German dhimmi polit-props force themselves  to listen to muselmanic grievances and  agree to pay the    jiziya, which is never enough, not paid with  enough submission and humiliation as the the soldiers of allah would like to see, but they’re getting there.  There is no ‘dialogue’, its a catalogue of demands that is getting bigger year after year. Anyone familiar with the situation knows that the Koranimals never give an inch, and the infidels are expected to yield. Integration is not happening.  The idea that Islamic clerics can be trained in Germany with German taxpayers money is revolting.

The idea that  German trained clerics  would  produce some kind of  ‘EUro-Islam’ which is ‘moderate’ or somehow tolerant of the native infidels is preposterous, naive, dangerous and outright stupid.

About the jiziya:

The purpose for which the Muslims are required to fight is not, as one might think, to compel the unbelievers into embracing Islam; rather, its purpose is to put an end to this suzerainty (that is, the rule of the unbelievers), so that the latter are unable to rule over people... The authority to rule should only be vested in those who follow the true faith. Unbelievers who do not follow this true faith should live in a state of subordination… Non-believers have absolutely no right to wield the reins of power in any part of God’s earth. And if they do, the believers have the obligation to dislodge them from that power by any means possible. The authority to rule should only be vested in those who follow the true faith.