Police at Paris airport bar 3 Saudi women wearing face veil from entering France, citing ban

How could their guardian(s) allow them to travel without a minder, and further than a camel travels in a day?

Trouble is that this is news.

But check out the non-judgemental,  phoney immoral equivalence  in the last sentence by Angela Charlton from  The Associated Press: “some say…. this and others say that…..

PARIS – A police union says three Saudi women who refused to remove their face veils at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport have been barred entry to France.

A 2011 French law bans people from wearing Islamic face-covering veils anywhere in public.

An official with the SGP-FO police union said Tuesday that border police asked the women to remove their veils after they arrived Monday on a flight from Doha, Qatar. The official says the women refused, border police refused them entry in France, and they returned to Doha Monday night. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly for the police.

Supporters of the ban say the veil contradicts France’s principles of secularism and women’s rights. Some Muslim groups say it stigmatizes moderate Muslims.

6 thoughts on “Police at Paris airport bar 3 Saudi women wearing face veil from entering France, citing ban”

  1. moderate musims do NOT wear a burqa or veil, so the ban stigmatizes its intended targetr – the brain dead muslima intent of promulgating a pointless way of life onto others in what amounts to an act of unparalleled selfishness – but that is islam!!

  2. Having grown up during the 19th. century, and burned my (symbolic) bra along with the rest of them, I consider any women covering her face, being overly submissive or propagating a patriarchal viewpoint as an enemy of women.

    Be they men or women, all who refuse to proudly raise their heads and declaim that women are men’s equal and vice-versa should not be surprised when we fail to treat them with respect.

    I would never visit a land where women a 2.class citizens.

  3. 3 less muslims in France, and that is a good thing. It could even be the beginning of something nice, like the French rediscovering their pride and love for their country. Unfortunately, Qatar has bought half France already, among their acquisitions the best French Soccer Club (Paris Germain). The pox on them and on the political whores who allowed that.

  4. Georgina writes:
    “I would never visit a land where women a 2.class citizens.”

    Since the islamic invasion these include now quite a few European (especially scandinavian) countries, and – the way our prime minister and her accomplices facilitate the invasion of our shores (one boat per day carrying thousands of uninvited muslims, Australia will soon follow.

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