Porkophobia Outbreak!!!

[Britain, 1998]

Police intervene in battle of `offensive’ china pigs

POLICE are understood to have confiscated a collection of porcelain pigs from the front window of a woman’s house in the same road as Leicester’s main mosque following a complaint from local Muslims that the display was offensive.   More porkophobia at The Independent  (Mullah)

The mainstream media claims to be multicultural, respecting all cultures equally, but actually holds Muslims and the Islamic world to a standard so low that it would have brought a furious blush to the cheeks of the most dyed-in-the-wool White Man’s Burden-carrier in the old British Raj.  The Media’s Double Standard for Muslims  (Robert Spencer)

New York‘s 8th District May Elect a Man Who Thinks Israel Runs ’Concentration Death Camps’

“There’s too many children and women and innocent men of Gaza dying because you’re isolating them and not allowing anything in.”—Read More »

From the Religion of Peace:

Of What Value are Somalis to the West?   (VDare)

Ordinary citizens are starting to notice that Muslim immigration is a net loss for host countries.

Finland’s War on Free Speech  —(Gatestone)

Why is a secular court in Europe convicting a citizen over factual objection to religion?

Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous(FrontPage Magazine)

Fatah’s secret bank accounts in Jordan:

Former Arafat advisor reveals that he has all necessary documents to prove existence of account with $39 million. —More here. (TT)

“In the big picture, the only thing that the Palestine Liberation Organization ever liberated is billions of dollars of aid money into its own pockets.”

Who’s Running the US Counter-Terrorism Show?(FSM)

Both Republicans and Democrats are getting too cozy with elements of the Muslim Brotherhood – putting the nation’s defenses at risk.  Translation: the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over Homeland Security.

Western Critics of Democracy–(Gatestone)

Intellectual support for tyranny is all the rage these days, apparently. But have they really thought it through?

Time to Stop Calling Them ‘Asians’  –(Telegraph)

Hindus and Sikhs resent being associated with Muslim crime – and who can blame them?

Jihad’s Willing Executioners(Family Security Matters)

The final bastion of America’s defense against Islamic Jihad and Sharia, the Pentagon, fell to the enemy in April 2012.

3 thoughts on “Porkophobia Outbreak!!!”

  1. The people of Leicester need to bring their police force into control, and I would suggest that deportation or jailing of the muslims that complained about the figures should be undertaken, particularly as it appears they have been actively threatening the occupant of the house. Only pressure from the pepole of Leicester can change this.

  2. some years ago i lived in lambeth,south london.my local butcher’s was two blocks away from a school.his window display was his pride and joy,one day he told me that a dhimmwit teacher from the school had called in, to point out, that, as there were muslim pupils at the school,might not the two pigs heads in the window display be offensive to them, and could he do something about it,”certainly “he said ” going to his fridge he produced a third pigs head , and with a flourish placed it in the middle of the display, saying “that o.k. for ya?!” she promptly left with a flea in her ear as the saying has it….lol

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