Rape Wave In Basel, Switzerland

It is disheartening to see that none of these women in the video even consider getting themselves armed or trained to be able to fend off an attacker. They are like the Dodo, waiting to be picked up, plucked and cooked.

I guess after 300 years of neutrality, pacifist indoctrination and peacenickery the only thing these people consider alarming is the sound of the cuckoo clock.

And as always, there is not a hint or a whiff of Islam, as usual:

A full transcript is below the fold. Thanks to Vlad Tepes & the Gates of Vienna

00:00 In recent weeks, a lot of rapes have taken place in Basel. How do you feel now when you move around Basel?
00:07 Honestly, I feel rather insecure, especially when going out,
00:13 so I always try to be there where there are many people,
00:15 and really try to avoid unfamiliar places where someone might stand,
00:21 so yes, I do have some fear.
00:23 I feel, honestly speaking, um, I’m never sure where I should go,
00:29 because the rapes have taken place not far from my business.
00:33 We just can no longer go out, that’s the bad thing, I would say.
00:37 Well, I feel quite insecure when I’m outside alone,
00:41 when I’m with colleagues it’s different,
00:42 then I know someone is near who could help me,
00:47 but all on my own, I would not dare to go out at night.
00:52 I sure am afraid to some degree, when I return home late from going out, I ride home rather quickly on my bike. It’s become worse.
00:59 Have you yourself also been in a situation where you didn’t feel well, maybe because someone stared at you, or…?
01:06 Yes, several times, but I just left quickly.
01:11 There were also cases when I was riding the tram and got molested,
01:16 best is not to say anything, because as a woman, against 3 or 4 men there is nothing you can do.
01:20 I start to find it trivial that we even in Switzerland don’t have the freedom to move anymore. Bad.
01:28 It’s just the entire environment. I don’t really feel so good in Basel.
01:35 Would it be a reason for you to stay home if you knew you would have to return on your own?
01:41 Definitely. I often make sure that all we colleagues go home together,
01:46 otherwise I make sure to get to town by car, thereby I avoid having to walk alone to the tram.
01:54 I wouldn’t go down to the Rhine river [which runs through Basel] even if people were with me,
02:01 just as a general rule, you shouldn’t be around all on your own.
02:05 Or if you are where there aren’t many people – you just shouldn’t be around alone.
02:10 I would probably reflect thoroughly what way to take home,
02:14 but this may not protect me either.
02:16 Maybe when we read such things we probably start worrying.
02:21 It probably also plays a part how we arrange things, if we are around alone,
02:27 make sure that you are in company when going out, especially during the night.
02:32 Maybe self-conscience would eradicate,
02:36 or maybe if we knew we could defend ourselves,
02:39 maybe this would help,
02:41 but if we then end up in such a situation, I don’t know if we could implement what we have learned.
02:48 If one is targeting you, you have no chance – no matter what clothes you wear.

4 thoughts on “Rape Wave In Basel, Switzerland”

  1. “There were also cases when I was riding the tram and got molested”

    Sister, I am willing to wager, that almost every woman under the age of 50 could empathize with that experience across Europe and I am willing to wager that its is almost always the same type of people who share one commonality.

    Damn it! She sounds so hopeless.

  2. So this is the price a woman must pay if she lives in Switzerland, the land of the wimp male who has been living in his la la land of neutrality for eons. They think that because they have their little stiff swiss soldiers marching around, they are free as birds. Good luck guys on that count. The European political correctness, along with all the diversity/multicultcrap, has them feeling that all they need do is serve up some swiss chocolate, and they will be left alone. One wonders why Swiss men put up with this attack on their woman in the streets, but then maybe swiss men feel the same way as the moes do about women, hence, no protection or teaching women how to protect themselves when on the streets. So once again, we have women who do the bidding and hoop jumping for men..whether it be muslim women who feel they must obey whackjob imams or a husband with five wives, or swiss misses who act like they can’t carry a weapon and use it on any jerk who approaches them. It’s like this women….if the guys don’t have a pair, then time for you to grow a pair…if you want to survive. It is obvious to me that both moe men and swiss men have a fair degree of misogyny in their mental midgetry, if they allow this to happen!

  3. Year after year the people from Basel vote for the immigration-loving reds and leftwingers. They even harass and boycott conservative people in every way possible. Sorry to say so, but I feel not a lot of compassion. Basel is also flooded with mohammedans.

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