So who is telling whom what to wear?

Soccer Jihad against jerseys with crosses: “You are only promoting the devil”

In Malaysia, symbols often find themselves under attack by the country’s virulent Muslim clerics:

“We are not allowed to sell the jersey because it shows a cross,” the shopkeeper told “I still love Portugal and will be rooting for them, but we are an Islamic country and don’t want to get people angry,” –

“This is very dangerous. As a Muslim we should not worship the symbols of other religions or the devils,” another added, in a Forbes report.

“It will erode our belief in Islam. There is no reason why we as Muslims should wear such jerseys, either for sports or fashion reasons.”

What are we to make of such hateful resentment? What are we doing about it? Anything at all?

No. Nada. Niente. Nothing.

Instead, we get more and more drivel like this:

Veils: who are we to judge?

Why the debate over the veil is much more complicated than you think

Its not “complicated”, Anne Kingston! All you need is to get your head out of your ass and remember who we are and what we are and what got us there. And then perhaps you should be reminded where ‘THEY” want you to be, and if they have their way you will be at the bottom of the food chain if you live to see it.

Read it if it amuses you…..