The Tentacles Of Little Qatar, Much Too Big For Its Britches

by Hugh Fitzgerald

Qatar is a peninsula sticking out into the Persian Gulf. For its entire history, until the last few decades, it was a backwater. But it happens to sit on, or around, vast deposits of natural gas, and that gives it its claim on the world’s attention. It sill is a cultural backwater, and always will be, whatever succursales of Western museums and universities the Al-Thani famiy manages to buy or rent. There are two milion people living in Qatar: 200,000 Qataris and 1.8 million non-Qataris, foreign wage slaves whose task is it to wait on the natives, to satisfy their every need, and to keep the little place running. Without those foreign workers, the place would collapse, and talk about “the end of the expatriates” makes Arabs in Qatar as nevervous as it does those in the Emirates or Kuwait or Saudi Arabia.

The Qataris have been buying up lots and lots of property in France.

They have recently bought the building in which Le Figaro is housed.

They have bought the Carlton, in Cannes, the center of the Cannes Film Festival.

They have bought the Martinez, a hotel right next door to the Carlton.

They are buying up companies, and buying shares in other companies, especialy French luxury goods.

They have managed to go around the strict rules regulating changes to historic buildings, and have been allowed to do all kinds of things to some of the most venerable and elegant structures in Paris.

A little slide-show about Qatar and its unmerited wealth, and what it does with it, can be seen at Le Figaro here.

This is not good. This is disheartening to French people, and to others in the West.

Qatar should be prevented — by French fiat — from buying so much of France.

It is not merely an economic transaction. Economic transactions so rarely are merely t that.

Qatar has been active politically. It was the main Arab power attempting — successfully — to inveigle the West into deposing Qaddafy, not becdause Qatar was morally outraged by Qaddafy, but because he was so openly contemptuous of the Gulf Arabs. Qatar is now sending aid to the Sunni Muslims in Syria who want to take over from the Alawites.

Can Qatar continue to be allowed to buy up so much of French real estate, and shares in French companies, and make France a little vacation spot for the Al-Thani family and their courtiers, and indeed for almost all of the 200,000 Qataris? What would be the result, in France, with the creation of another million or so people dancing attendance on these fabulously-rich primitives who do what they want, wherever they want, like the Saudis and seldom, if ever are subject to Western laws?

Those who profit from a Qatari connection — real estate agents, lawyers,poules de luxe, the purveyors of the most expensive goods in the Faubourg Saint-Honore —and those who want to get in on the action, are not likely to be in the forefront of those warning about the dangers of Muslim demographic conquest. They may, like their analogues in London, find it prudent to appear to be delighted with their Gulf Arab clients. Some of them may convince themselves it is all for the best.

It isn’t.

8 thoughts on “The Tentacles Of Little Qatar, Much Too Big For Its Britches”

  1. and don’t forget, if France sells of all its National Treasures, it will be able to afford to support more ‘refugees’, who have no sale-able skills, are not willing to learn or integrate and are therefore unemployable.
    Hmm, I wonder if anyone in the French government would dare to ask why, if the Arab world is so rich, do they have so many poor refugees?

  2. You don’t give a crap about France, you just want to stir up anti-Muslim crap! You aren’t even subtle. “Unmerited” wealth? It’s no more unmertied than, say, Alaska’s-but no one thinks that they shouldn’t be able to buy what they need to with it. Qatar is trying to protect its people and its interests for the long term through education, investment and scientific advancements(and is a major explorer and promoter of new energy technology using solar). Moreover, if France has an issue with foreigners buying up France, than France needs to value its own resources. But France, like the UK, NEEDS foreign investment and they aren’t going to bit the hand that is literally feeding it. That would be stupid.

  3. No Nora,
    Qatar has not even been able to develop the technolgy used to fill its coffers, and it si a very minor player in the world of science. We do NOT need useless arab investment. I also suggest that you examine the treatment of non-muslims and non-arabs by the thugs from qatar. I agree that France needs to value its resources, particularly its people, however to suggest that the UK and France NEEDS investment from arab scum is amusing, at the least. Now piss off and go back to your arab master. Allow corrupt arabs a foothold in ones country is stupid!!!!

  4. Their wealth is unmerited. The lazy sods were too stupid to even figure out how to use what was under the groumd, and they have done precious little with their wealth that is useful. We do NOT need arab investment, and the best thing to do with arabs and their failed states is to turn them into glass parking lots. I am extremely uncomfortable with having dishonest arab scum bying property in the west.

  5. Qatar also bought the most iconic soccer team of France, Paris St. Germain and is driving this sport into the gutter – despite their unlimited funds. Qatar also owns Aljazeera – a “news” source that “our” ABC and SBS use very much for reasons of indoctrination. Their office received a video, really the snuff movie, the Muslim/Islamist Mohamed Merah made filming his massacre of those little jewish children in their French school….
    Qatar also has just bought the building of the US embassy in Paris and in 2009 already they bought the US embassy building in London.
    Qatar is also buying up many Australian Farms.
    I stop now, I feel nauseated.

  6. I was trying to learn of this place .. I seen some of it On a Tv show 60min it looked Beautiful and by it’s sounds had made something out of near nothing but sand. Coming here it was just sad to see people here can not get along . That’s to bad .. It make sad of what be some where that people could look up to .. I’ll look at it as you just change people . And it doesn’t seem to be people not from there.

  7. Terry,
    Very few people change – and I presume you are talking about Qatar. Then remember, ca. > 2000 years of primitive tribal culture, 1500 years of a mind-numbing and very primitive religion cannot change significantly after < 100 years of exposure to Western culture.

  8. @Terry,

    “Coming here it was just sad to see people here can not get along ” Coming where this web site?

    Don’t buy the hype of Qatar. I am presuming you are not a Qatari? What makes you think that you will be treated as a natural born Qatari and be provided with the free, “free care from cradle to grave”, that the Emir mentioned? The vast majority of ME treats guest workers as pieces of shit.

    For those overseas, here is a link to the American news show 60 minutes, that Terry is referring to. Propaganda puff piece on Qatar.

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