This is not about 'racism', these are war crimes, acts of war!

Anarchy in the UK

The kicker is that authorities had evidence of it as far back as 1991 and could have prevented years of abuse to dozens of young girls. But complaints to the police and social workers were ignored.

“England’s suicidally tolerant, high-minded authorities are betraying its citizens, just like its law enforcement betrayed child victims of the Muslim sex gangs.”(FrontPage Magazine, full post below the fold)

Pamela Geller:

Anarchy in the UK

Posted By Mark Tapson On June 12, 2012 In Daily Mailer,FrontPage | 112 Comments

Amid the pomp and ceremony of England’s recent Diamond Jubilee, marking sixty years of the Queen’s reign, a grim truth was being glossed over: England is gradually capitulating to the law of the jungle.

Last month, nine Muslim men were convicted for organized sex crimes ranging from rape to sex trafficking over more than two decades of sexual violence against underage white girls in the north of England. The gang passed the victims around to have sex with several men a day, several times a week in houses, cars, taxis and kebab shops. One thirteen-year-old was forced to have sex with twenty men in one night.

The kicker is that authorities had evidence of it as far back as 1991 and could have prevented years of abuse to dozens of young girls. But complaints to the police and social workers were ignored.

Why? Former Member of Parliament Ann Cryer declared that the authorities were “petrified of being called racist and so reverted to the default of political correctness.” As journalist Melanie Phillips puts it, in politically correct Britain, no criticism of religious or ethnic identities is allowed: “And so the child rape industry proceeded with repeated failures to prosecute.”

Who are the British authorities not reluctant to punish? A 42-year-old white secretary who complained, in an expletive-filled rant caught on video, about the decaying effects of immigration and multiculturalism on British civilization. For that verbal explosion, which no doubt represented a collective sense of her countrymen’s frustration, she received 21 weeks in jail. The Islamist enemies within Britain can openly express their desire to destroy the country and yet still stay on the government dole; but a peaceful white working-class citizen who is fed up with watching her country go down the drain is sentenced to jail.

In a seemingly unrelated incident, American martial arts expert Tim Larkin was banned from entering the UK by Home Secretary Theresa May, who feared his “kill or be killed” self-defense philosophy could encourage “vigilante violence.” Former military intelligence officer Larkin believes that one’s life could depend on being prepared to inflict “crippling pain,” if not actual death, on an attacker. He teaches students how, for example, to break the spine and elbow of an attacker, or disable one by rupturing his testicles.

He had planned to teach his self-defense method in UK areas that had been hit hardest during last year’s riots. Instead, he was told that his presence in the UK was not “conducive to the public good.” Member of Parliament Rosie Cooper had warned the government about Larkin’s plans. “I’m grateful to the Home Secretary for taking the appropriate action and not allowing this man into our country,” she said. “He teaches extreme and violent self-defense that is unwelcome here.” Presumably Cooper and the Home Secretary believe that British citizens should be taught only non-violent self-defense, such as politely asking one’s attacker(s) to talk things out over tea and crumpets. “The decision to bar Mr. Larkin from the UK,” crowed MP Cooper, “demonstrates the value of constant alertness when it comes to border controls.”

Actually it demonstrates that England’s suicidally tolerant, high-minded authorities are betraying its citizens, just like its law enforcement betrayed those victims of the Muslim gangs, by abandoning them to increasingly violent criminality. British citizens can no longer depend on the police, who are too paralyzed by political correctness to even protect little girls from gang rape and sexual slavery; nor can they look to the government, which doesn’t even want them to learn how to defend themselves from violent assault.

MP Cooper’s pride in “constant border alertness” would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic. If the authorities were truly “alert” about border control, for example, they would have prevented Islamic extremists from streaming into the country for decades and creating an aggressively unicultural underclass that is now expanding shariathroughout the country and violently asserting its supremacism. Instead, the authorities pat themselves on the back for protecting England’s shores from such vile threats as American talk show hosts, European politicians who dare to speak out against jihad, and now, self-defense instructors.

England is wrestling with cultural –even literal – civil war with an unassimilated, radicalized Muslim element that openly desires to bring down the country. Combine this with “Occupy” movement riots, ethnic gangs, increasing racial assaults both spontaneous and otherwise, and a government that has civilized itself into impotence, and you have growing anarchy in the UK, as The Sex Pistols once sang.

In his book The Suicide of Reason, Lee Harris points out that communities composed of “rational actors” – those who have rejected the fanaticism and unity of the tribe and instead embraced individualism and reason – don’t know how to cope when confronted by “the return of the jungle.” Valuing nonviolence, compromise, and tolerance, they deny such threats or seek negotiation. But the “tribal actors,” who value commitment to the pack, violent intolerance, and hatred of the enemy, view the opposite values as weakness, which encourages them to attack.

As Harris puts it in regard to Islamic fundamentalists:

The fanaticism of radical Islam… is teaching and training alpha boys to be willing to die. It is steeping them in myths of heroic self-sacrifice and martyrdom. It is producing a new generation of Muslims who bitterly resent Western modernity, and who have dedicated themselves to destroying it.

Fanatical devotion to their tribe is the source of their power. This also holds true for racial tribes and helps empower the Occupy tribe. Harris’ law of the jungle, which these mobs embrace, is increasingly gaining ground in England while the authorities cling to politically correct denial and expect civility to prevail. This does not bode well for national self-preservation. But the great essayist Fjordman wrote recently that self-preservation

is now systematically being denied to Europeans. If you are a person of European extraction, you become an ‘extremist’ not by wanting to colonize other people’s countries, but simply by resisting the colonization of your country by others.

A hundred years ago the sun never set on England’s empire; more recently it still stood tall under Churchill and kept its chin up under Thatcher. Thanks in part to its multiculturalist elites, who are either complicit with England’s enemies or in denial about them, it’s been reduced to a shadow of its former glory. Melanie Phillips declares that Britain is “sleepwalking off the edge of a cliff”; her tribute to the Diamond Jubilee is entitled, poignantly, “This is the Britain We Fear We’ve Lost.”

Churchill once promised that the English people would fight on the beaches and the landing grounds, in the fields and in the streets, and in the hills, and would never surrender. I believe the average patriotic Brit-on-the-street can still be counted on for that. But increasingly, he is concluding that that might require embracing his own tribal mind. As Harris says,

If there is a tribe that hates me because they see me as a member of an enemy tribe, then my only hope of security lies in standing firmly with my own tribe.

England is not alone in this. The return to the ways of the jungle is evident throughout Europe. And as Thomas Sowell puts it in his essay “Learning from Britain’s Moral Rot, America’s “own politically correct elites are pointing us in the same direction.” Those elites are instilling in American youth the emasculating lie that defending yourself or others against bullying is no different from bullying itself; it is considered a case of two wrongs not making a right. A generation of Americans is being conditioned not to stand up for themselves or to defend the helpless, but to appeal to a mediating (preferably international) authority for peaceful resolution.

Our “tribal” enemies operate under no such self-restraint, and don’t respect authority or peaceful resolution. Unless England, and by extension America and the rest of the West, embrace what Lee Harris calls our own “enlightened tribalism,” and begin defending our culture as ferociously as our enemies are striving to destroy it, then we will witness the crash of civilization in our lifetime.