Those Who Burn Your Flag Will Burn Your Children….

 Beck:”I don’t want America destroyed.”
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“F*** you, America.”

The hour’s getting late; is the coming race war inevitable?

Video of the incident shows boys and girls waving flags and singing Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.” As they performed, though, some angry adults began swarming and shouting. (More)

“Pulitzer Price Winning Author”

Alice Walker Refuses Hebrew Translation of ‘The Color Purple,’ Cites Israeli ‘Apartheid State’

Alice Walker’s books aren’t worth reading in the first place, so she isn’t denying the Israelis anything they really need, but the idea of denying the right to translate her work into a particular language because she dislikes the policies of the people who speak it is monstrous, sets an extremely dangerous precedent (cf. the photo above), and plays into the hands of the Palestinian jihadists. “Alice Walker Refuses Israeli Publisher Permission To Translate ‘The Color Purple,'” from the Huffington Post, June 19:   Alice Walker refuses Israeli publisher permission to translate The Color Purple

When I hear ‘Pulitzer’ I think Walter Duranty.

When I hear  ‘Nobel Price’ I see Obamessiah and Yasser Arafartbastard.

When I hear Alice Walker, Woopie or Oprah I grab a vomit bag.

When I see Zero I puke on cue.

2 thoughts on “Those Who Burn Your Flag Will Burn Your Children….”

  1. Re To Glenn Beck: There is NO “moderate” Islam!!

    It’s an annoying statement it’s like saying , “those bastards over there are only half mad, we are going to wait until they are fully mad, like those bastards over there, before we do anything about protecting ourselves from the manifestations of their belief in Islam”

    ‘Half Mad Islamic Bastards and completely mad Islamic Bastards” what a great world Islam and the left have been allowed to create.

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