Troublesome Developments

Bonds set record on record, stocks down, gold leaps

Gold just zoomed up nearly $70 in two hours as the NY exchange opened. German and Australian bonds are also attracting refugee money.

Blood for oil? Good:

In the New York Times, Iraqi oil is suddenly a good thing: OIL’S WELL

Shock, horror!

The Dangers of Independent Journalism

Large sections of Scandinavian media users prefer websites that aren’t edited by journalists.

“Confused people seek out internet forums and blogs which are not subjected to journalistic quality control…”

Horrors! We can’t have that, now, can we?   Why — people might start questioning the consensus, and then where would we be?  Read more »

All Your Mexico City Are Belong to Us!

“When Hernan Cortes entered Mexico city … a picturesque city full of Mosques”– 

 Muslim Native Americans before Europeans

(Mexico City was full of moskes) and so was Australia:   ‘catmeat’ Sheikh aj Al-Din Hamed Abdallah Al-Hilali, who claims “Australia was always islamic, there are hundreds of mosques in the interior and now its time for Jihad!”

The Islamic Invasion of Australia

Door open, and two more boats

Under John Howard, just three boats a year. But Labor thought it knew better and opened the gates:

From three a year to four in four days

HMAS Ararat intercepted the vessel, estimated to be carrying 150 people, in the early hours of this morning… The arrival follows the interception of a vessel carrying an estimated 87 asylum seekers yesterday

Remember, the Press Council says we should not call this illegal immigration. Or else.

Bridge to Barbaria: 

Sowdi  prince reminded British  outgoing ambassador  dhimmies about the  Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation that he chairs, about  various donations (bribes)  made by the Foundation to university centers to promote cultural dialogue and build a bridge between East-West for tolerance,understanding….and  ISLAMIC   PROPAGANDA 

UK’s racist media goes after Sayeeda Warsi on witch-hunt

Mainstream Lamestream commentators agree  (?)  that attacks on Warsi are part of an elaborate, sexist and racist plot which is aimed at ousting the daughter of Pakistani immigrants from her position of influence.  More on the mainstream commentators and the elaborate sexist, racist plot at   The News by muselputz Murtaza Ali Shah

‘Diplomatic Immunity’

A Saudi princess was caught trying to leave the Shangri-La hotel in Paris without settling a six million euro ($7.4 million) bill for her rooms, police said Saturday, confirming a report in the daily Le Parisien.

Enrichment Culture:

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