"At the end of the day…"

At the end of the day its all about Islam. And Islam is bigger than McDonald’s. Allahu akbar!

Halal is the way to make the world Islamic and New Zealand is on the list to feed 900 million undernourished Muslims:

World’s biggest brand? Not McDonald’s but halal

Halim Saad, once named by Time Magazine as one of the upcoming leaders who would define the coming age, is speaking today at an Auckland University Business School conference about the halal investment opportunity for New Zealand.

“Of the seven billion people in the world, 900 million are undernourished,” he says.

“We need to produce more food and to grow that food we need land twice the size of France and we need more water. The only way we can do that is to have better yield and better farming practices. That is where New Zealand should come in.”

Many of those going without food are Muslims living in countries belonging to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a body consisting of 57 member states. Many countries in which Muslims live are not arable and can cannot produce food.

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  1. “Food security” for nations such as swordi arabia means ownership or control of the food chain, from source to shelf. I doubt there will be much benefit for NZ producers (or Oz) – our govts will simply assist with the land buy-ups.

    Saudi Arabia: Focus on food security

    [In addition to encouraging an increase in imports, the government, in conjunction with privately owned Saudi companies, is also looking at the possibility of buying or leasing arable land overseas. This strategy, which has been adopted by several countries in the GCC, aims to ensure domestic food supply from foreign fields. With volatile commodity prices in recent years, securing the means of production in foreign countries is seen as a more reliable way to supply critical foodstuffs.

    In January, the commerce and industry minister, Abdullah Zainal Alireza, said that the government had identified 27 countries for agricultural investment, adding that a “technical team has already visited 14 countries to explore investment prospects”.]

  2. They got one over our Qantas with “Fly Emirates” prominently displayed on Melbourne Cup Day ….whoops, sorry “Emirates Cup Day”, the race that stops a nation. How much Australian farmland have they bought recently?

    And a propos “Halal”. Local “Shire” Woolworth: 4 different kinds of Tasmanian Fetta cheese, all 4 “Halal certified”. I called for the supervisor to ask if there was at least ONE fetta cheese available that was not Halal, as I did not want to contribute financially even more to the Islamisation of Oz that Gillard & Co make me do already – the supervisor was courteous, in that taquia kind of way, I had a strong feeling that he too was “Halal certified”, at least he looked it.

    Well that will learn me to shop at Woolworth the Halal people!

  3. Just because these aliens own our land on paper doesnt mean they own the land.We could take it back anytime,What can they do about it?

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