Australian Baggage Handlers

 Some are Islamic terrorists, others are sailors in the Royal Australian Navy:

“Last I checked, I was not a baggage handler at the airport, but a sailor in the Royal Australian Navy.”

In other news:

The navy doesn’t “intercept”;   it “escorts”– There is no border now


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  1. How the US and EU are heading to become the new USSR, while Russia heads the other way.

    Have America and Russia switched roles?

    To that I would like to add that Russia appears to be against intervention in Syria due to its desire to protect the minority Christian population. Did the so-called Christian United States express concern for the Christians of Iraq and Egypt before unleashing the Islamists? Is the fate of the Christians of Syria anywhere near the top of the agenda in Washington?

    There have been several articles written recently that are focusing on Russia’s interest in not seeing what happened to the Christians of Iraq and Egypt being repeated in Syria. From a story on May 31, 2012, in the NY Times about the Russian Orthodox Church lobbying Mr. Putin over the fate of Middle Eastern Christians, I quote:

    “The issue of “Christianophobia” shot to the top of the church’s agenda a year ago, with a statement warning that “they are killing our brothers and sisters, driving them from their homes, separating them from their near and dear, stripping them of the right to confess their religious beliefs.” The metropolitan asked Mr. Putin to promise to protect Christian minorities in the Middle East.

    “So it will be,” Mr. Putin said. “There is no doubt at all.”

    So as Dean Ericson expressed surprise that formerly Communist Russia is now standing against left liberalism while the USA is embracing it, it would appear that formerly atheist Russia is now standing tall with Christians worldwide while the formerly Christian USA seems oblivious at best, and treacherous at worst, to the sad fate awaiting many Christians.

  2. Accompanying the above

    Liberalism’s Good Cop / Bad Cop Team

    Regarding immigration and race, the good cop reassures the public that we are a nation of immigrants, that all peoples long for American-style freedom and can therefore become American citizens, and that diversity is glorious. But the “bad cop” confirms that the goal is the radical abolition of “white privilege” (i.e., the destruction of the traditional cultures of white peoples and the dragging down of whites in order to raise up nonwhites), and the creation of a radically multicultural / multiracial / “tolerant” [they say] society.

    Regarding marriage and sex roles, the good cop reassures the public that divorce has always been common, that feminism only makes society more just, and that you can still have an old-fashioned marriage if you choose. But the “bad cop” confirms that the goal is utterly to smash patriarchy, Christianity and traditional society.

    Regarding religion, the “good cop” reassures the public that good religion has always been tolerant, that most people have always been irreligious, and that the radical attack on Christianity exists only in the mind of “fundamentalists.” But the “bad cop” confirms that religion is the real enemy of the revolution, and that all “true believers” will be stripped of power and made objects of ridicule.

    Regarding homosexuality, the “good cop” reassures the public that homosexuality has always been accepted, even by the church, that research shows homosexuality to be normal, and that “tolerance” is the only political goal of the homosexualist movement. But the “bad cop” confirms that homosexuality is forcibly to be legitimized regardless of evidence or precedent, and contrary views are to be suppressed.

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