'Backlash' in Russia & China!


Two Muslim clerics and a prominent Islamic scholar have been killed in the restive North Caucasus republic of Daghestan.  The clerics’ pro-Kremlin, anti-Wahhabi stance has stirred speculation that they may have been targeted by hard-line Islamists looking to break Moscow’s grip on Russia’s second-largest religion.

‘Russian court forbids spreading islamic writings’   (Vlad Tepes-Translated from German by Michael Laudahn:)


A court in the south russian city of Orenburg  has established a list of prohibited litterature comprising 65 islamic books, whose sale henceforth is illegal on russian territory. The verdict caused great outrage with the russian moslem community.

I like the spelling of literature  with two ‘t’s:

Among the islamic litterature classified as dangerous are the well-known al-Bukhari and al-Muslim hadith collections, like also the books on the life of the prophet Mohammed (sirah) and the 40 hadiths of the imam An-Nawawi.  (Vlad Tepes)

In that case, why not ban the koran already?

Moderate Muslim Clerics  Who Pledged Loyalty to  Russia Quickly Eliminated

Traditional Muslim leaders who were speaking up against so-called ‘pure Islam’ pushed by the Wahabbis were also getting killed 10 years ago in Daghestan. There is a “fight against  the Wahabbization of Islam in Tatarstan”


China Steps Up Curbs on Muslims

“Chinese authorities in the troubled northwestern region of Xinjiang have imposed curbs on the public observance of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan among the region’s Uyghur ethnic minority, an exile group said on Monday.” H/T Blazing Cat Fur:

3 thoughts on “'Backlash' in Russia & China!”

  1. Isn’t it exciting? In the end, we have to choose between one totalitarianism and another!

  2. PJG you are spot on! We see it right here in the good ol’Land of the (once) Free. It goes under the spurious name of “The Federal Govt.”

  3. @PJG,
    China is authoritarian, but no longer totalitarian. Russia is no longer part of the USSR, and it certainly is not totalitarian – they are merely curbing the spread of seditious propaganda, and we should do the same.

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn left the US and returned to Russia because the West was, and is, becoming more and more totalitarian.

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