Bali? Yes, Bali!

Off Bali? You’re kidding

Outsourcing, is that also a Muselmanic invention?

Absurd. Our navy is not only running a taxi service to Christmas Island, but working as Indonesia’s coat guard:

Indonesian rescue authorities say they are powerless to help a boat full of asylum seekers adrift at sea off Bali’s coast.

The boat, which sent out a distress call to Australian authorities yesterday morning, is taking on water in Indonesia’s search and rescue zone.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said a boat carrying about 60 people was stranded north-west of Bali, near the Indonesian island of Madura.

More on our daily boats…. (Andrew Bolt)

“Groundbreaking Discussions” against the rise of ‘Islamophobia’

An impressive array of speakers will assemble to hold groundbreaking discussions. The speakers include prominent religious & community leaders, researchers, columnists and authors. This event also provides the perfect platform for those concerned about the rise of Islamophobia and the repercussions this holds for secular democracies such as the United States.

Moe bigga speakaz!

Indonesian mosques invest in hi-tech sound systems for calls to prayer– The Guardian

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    1. From Iran & Iraq.

      WTF do we owe to Muslims from Iran & Iraq?

      If they were Christians or Jews we wouldn’t have a problem, but why are we expected to resettle the soldiers of allah?

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