British Muslims reviving polygamy

The kafirs generous welfare system rewards the criminal practice of polygamy.

The Australian 27 September 2011
By Rosemary Bennett thanks to Europe News

A GROWING number of young British Muslims are taking second or third wives in an unexpected revival of polygamy, according to religious leaders. The new wave of polygamy is revealed in a special report by the BBC Asian Network using findings from the Islamic Sharia Council.

The council, which provides legal advice and guidance to Muslims, said it was receiving an unprecedented number of inquiries about polygamous marriages.

Its most recent figures show that, for the first time, polygamy is now among the top ten reasons cited for divorce, as wives decide that they can no longer tolerate competing with one another.

Polygamy is illegal in Britain, but Muslim men can take a second, third or even a fourth wife under Sharia law in a religious ceremony known as the nikah.

These wives are not recognised by British law, but are considered legitimate within many Muslim communities. Khola Hasan, lecturer and adviser to the Islamic Sharia Council, said it was clear that polygamy among the younger generation was on the increase.

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“Out of 700 applications for divorce in 2010, 43 cited polygamy as the reason,” she said.

Ms Hasan said her research uncovered three main reasons for the growth in polygamy. The first is the growing number of young Muslim men who want to practise a more orthodox and conservative form of the religion.

“Young men who have come into a more radical understanding of faith know it is illegal to marry more than once [under British law], but do it to spite the system,” Ms Hasan said.

“These marriages have the lowest record of succeeding,” she said.

The second and biggest group are men whose first marriage has failed.

2 thoughts on “British Muslims reviving polygamy”

  1. Why aren’t these men prosecuted to the full extent of the law? Britain seems to have bcome spineless — either that, or it couldn’t care less that the ancient misogynistic practice of polygamy reduces women to the status of being nothing more than concubines in some selfish man’s harem. Obviously, the UK is now becoming two separate countries within the same borders, with two separate sorts of citizens: British, and Muslim. The UN Human Rights Tribunal has alrady condemned polygamy as a contravention of women’s equality rights that also harms their children. As well, considering that the sexes are almost equal in number (there aren’t even two women for every one man) every man who “marries” polygamously is robbing his brothers of their chance to have a wife and family of their own. Enough already! Kick this hateful practice, which comes from the dark ages when women were nothing but chattels, into the garbage can of history, where it belongs. The year is 2012 AD, NOT 2012 BC!

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