Brother Tariq's "finest and most beautiful fasting month of Ramadan"

On a tip from mullah:

The grandson on Hassan al Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, sure has a way with words. Not short of braggadocio, his pomposity and his smug insolence leave nothing to the imagination:

The month of Ramadan is at hand and with it, Muslims will be entering into one of the finest and most beautiful schools of life.

The fasting month is a school of faith, spirituality, awareness, giving, solidarity, justice, dignity and unity. Nothing less…. It is the month when introspection among Muslims should be deepest; the month of their greatest contribution to humanity.

A contribution to humanity?  What would that be, brother Tariq?

Lets ask his ‘spiritual advisor:”

2 thoughts on “Brother Tariq's "finest and most beautiful fasting month of Ramadan"”

  1. This nasty piece of work, Tariq, is the poster boy in France and to be found on more TV panels there than the local Walid Ali and his veiled Muslima.

    But his slimey taquia has penetrated even “our” ha! tax-payer funded ABC:

    just days after the unspeakably gruesome massacre of those little jewish children and their father in Toulouse France, he wrote a breathtakingly evil piece defending the killer of those children and blamed “French society” which made this Mohamed Merah the “victim”. This whole article was posted under “Religion” on the ABC. My protest against this was, of course, not published. ABC would not have a bad word said against a Muslim, especially against a grand son of the murderous terrorist organisation that is the Muslim Brotherhood.

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