Egypt: If the Christians won’t pay jizya willingly, we will take it from them by force.

Sounds just like Obama, doesn’t it? But hey, don’t call him a Muslim, he’s a Christian. He said so!


“Unknown Assailants” Attack and Plunder Christian Youth

There is little doubt that the victims were targeted because they are Christian: such attacks are on the rise and coterminous with calls for Egypt’s Christians to begin paying jizya. Seen as “second-class” citizens who, according to Islamic law (e.g., Koran 9:29), should be paying tribute, Christians in Islamic countries are increasingly being robbed and extorted for money—in Iraq and Syria—in lieu of jizya.

Egypt: Islamic supremacists stab man to death for walking with woman

Ah, the glories of the new, democratic “Arab Spring” Egypt! “Suez knifing stirs fears of ‘moral’ policing in Egypt,” from Ahram Online, July 3


Imam says newspaper editor “must be killed” for calling for individual rights for Moroccan people

This story is not just noteworthy for the thuggish Islamic supremacist imam, but for Laghzioui’s alleged anti-Islamic act: calling for individual rights. “Moroccan Imam Investigated After Calling For Journalist’s Death,” from Worldcrunch, July 3 (thanks to JW):

OUJDA – A Moroccan court has ordered the investigation of a controversial imam, Abdellah Nhari, for inciting hatred, reports Le Soir Echos.


It could never happen here: right?

A 30-year-old woman and two of her children were beheaded overnight in Afghanistan’s east, police said, in what appeared to be the latest in a rapidly growing trend of so-called honor killings.

Allen West: Military infiltration by Islamic terrorists all part of a bigger stealth Jihad

Obama smears patriots as “domestic threats” and surrounds himself with Mohammedan advisors, how’s that hopenchange thingy turning out for you?

Homeland Security Report Lists ‘Liberty Lovers’ As Terrorists

A new study funded by the Department of Homeland Security characterizes Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists.

Obama Rules

“What we’re basically supposed to do is watch them die” 

Six Florida lifeguards have lost their jobs for backing a coworker’s decision to save a man struggling in the surf but outside their jurisdiction.

Tomas Lopez , 21, was fired Monday for vacating his lifeguarding zone to save a man drowning in unprotected waters 1,500 feet south of his post on Hallandale Beach, Fla.

“I knew I broke the rules,” said Lopez.

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  1. Is Allen West on the Homeland Security Watch? If not, is that because race trumps treason?

    Allen West will be disappointed that he is not.

  2. Re: Homeland Security Report Lists ‘Liberty Lovers’ As Terrorists

    Absolutely outrageous as what now constitutes what ‘is’ a terrorists in the US.

    Obama et Pelosi and the rest of the neo-communist in the US government have to go.


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