Gillard will release underage 'seafarers'

That much we know. Because that’s all the lame stream Sydney Moonbat Herald tells us.

Change ‘people smugglers’ (the worst scum of the earth’-according to ex-PM KRudd)  to ‘seafarers’ and tell the public they are children who deserve our compassion. Just like Omar Khadr and David Hicks.   Now can we let the rest of them  drown in the tears of our compassionate parliamentarians? No we can’t. We’ll have them anyhow. Let the taxpayers bleed some more.

What kind of a deal is this?

Indonesia to receive heavy lift planes from Australia– The C-130H models are the first of four surplus Hercules planes to be given to the Indonesian Air Force in ready-to-fly condition, Defence Minister Stephen Smith said in Darwin.

We have “surplus airplanes?”  WTF?

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Indon PM Bambang Yudhiono was lured to Australia with the promise of taking 4 airplanes home, and we are not to know the amounts of cash and promises for more to come. Cash, yes cash. Jiziya for Indonesia.

Australia pledges to send Indon boys home

They’ll be back. Shortly.

Date: July 03 2012

The federal government has agreed to speed up the return to Indonesia of underage “victims” of people-smuggling operations, which often lure minors to work on boats carrying asylum seekers to Australia.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave the undertaking to Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Tuesday during the second annual Indonesia-Australia Leaders’ Meeting in Darwin.

People smuggling was high on the agenda of the bilateral talks after Australia this week saw its 65th asylum-seeker boat arrival for 2012, with the leaders recognising successful work already done by Australian and Indonesia authorities on the issue.

Following their talks, Dr Yudhoyono and Ms Gillard released a joint communique promising to intensify efforts to fight people smuggling and trafficking through the Bali Process – a grouping of more than 50 countries aligned against the illegal trade.

“Indonesia is also a victim of acts of illegal people smuggling,” Dr Yudhoyono said through an interpreter at a press conference.

“We hope that we can prevent as far as possible acts of people smuggling in our region.”

He was happy about Australia’s recent decision to release from jail 15 Indonesian crew members from people-smuggling vessels who were believed to be children.

Dr Yudhoyono said Indonesian minors were “also victims of acts of people smuggling” and hoped another 54 being held in Australia would be freed.

“We hope that the repatriation of the remaining underage seafarers can be accelerated,” he said.

In the past, Australia had difficulty assessing the ages of the young male crew members and resorted to the controversial use of X-rays of wrist bones.

That test has now been abandoned and other methods such as dental X-rays are used.

“The two leaders reaffirmed the importance of ensuring the welfare and interest of detained Indonesian crew,” the six-page communique said.

Australia and Indonesia also agreed to conduct public information campaigns in Indonesia to stop young boys from taking relatively well paid jobs on people-smuggling boats.

The campaigns would help them to “understand the consequences” of their actions, the communique said.

“I welcome the co-operation we have with Indonesia on people smuggling, including Indonesia’s law enforcement efforts against people-smuggling syndicates,” Ms Gillard said.

Indonesia revealed on Monday that Haji Irfan, 19, an Afghan national with links to people-smuggling kingpin Sayed Abbas, was arrested last week and is in police custody in Jakarta.

Irfan is suspected of organising two boats which sank en route to Australia last month, killing at least 94 people, and faces a mandatory minimum jail term of five years if convicted.

Ms Gillard also said a delegation of Australian ministers and senior officials would visit Indonesia to discuss ways to strengthen maritime co-operation related to rescues.

“Australia will also work with Indonesia’s search and rescue agency to help strengthen its ability to communicate with merchant vessels during safety-of-life-at-sea incidents,” she said.

The two boats which sank in Indonesian waters last month had been intercepted by merchant vessels which help with the rescue efforts.

The countries will also explore an exchange program for search and rescue specialists.

Most asylum-seeker vessels travel from Indonesia to Australia’s north, and passengers are taken to detention centres on Christmas Island or in Darwin.

 Greg Sheridan from the Australian:

Overall, the SBY visit was a strategic failure for Gillard.

Her policy towards Indonesia has been a long series of tactical and strategic blunders, none more so than the live cattle fiasco.

To sense how the Indonesians feel, imagine the Chinese reaction if we declared that environmental concerns meant we would suddenly suspend iron ore exports to China. There would be hell to pay, and rightly so.

The reduced quotas have seriously damaged the Australian industry and weakened our links with Indonesia. Gillard got nothing from SBY on this issue on this visit. The quotas will not move. He politely invited Australians to invest in Indonesia’s domestic cattle industry instead.

Similarly, Gillard got nothing from SBY on the boatpeople issue. The Indonesians were aghast, and made their feelings plain, at the Captain Emad fiasco. The Indonesians believe, quite rightly, that the Rudd and Gillard governments created the boats problem by abandoning Howard’s successful policies. And every episode along the way, from the farcical East Timor solution right through to Captain Emad, has confirmed for them our incompetence, irresolution and hypocrisy. We are in no position to lecture Jakarta on people-smuggling.

Tim Blair has her number:


Tim Blair – Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The latest official Prime Ministerial pronunciations, from Julia Gillard’s speech in Darwin following meetings with Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhyono (whose name helpfully avoids an incorporated “t”):

• “Stabilidy” The meetings were crucial to regional stabilidy.

• “Siddy” Darwin is a siddy, just like Launcesdon or Fremandle.

• “Caddle” Indonesia would welcome greater Australian investment in its caddle industry. And presumably also in industries involving raddle snakes and cuddle fish.

• “Contribuded” Everybody contribuded great ideas.

• “Delighded” They were all delighded by the Prime Minisder’s whimsical speaking sdyle.

• “See one thirdy” Australia will donate two See One Thirdy aircraft so that Indonesia can better monidor its coasdline.

• “Abilidy” Julia Gillard lacks a certain communication abilidy.

What a goose!