"In Europe People Are Pushing the Boundaries of Freedom of Speech"

‘Boundaries of free speech?’  Who imposed them?

Last time I checked the only censorship was self-imposed censorship. I musta been missing something:

Unbelievable video:  starts out talking about the rapid rise in Islamic radicalization in Europe.   and concludes by saying that anti-Islam rhetoric by right wing groups (EDL, etc.) and politicians who agree with them, is equally as dangerous as Muslim terrorism, maybe more.

Those who oppose Islamization and sharia are ‘right wing extremists’ just like Breivik…. yadda yadda….’disaffected youths radicalising….’  The rise of anti-Islamic sentiment is steadily growing….’ ‘anti-Islamic rhetoric’- ‘controversial speakers’- its hard to know who poses the greatest terror threat….’

Dumber than dirt.

You couldn’t make it up. The ‘controversial speakers’ this twit is referring to are Sabbaditsch-Wolff,  Marine LePen and Geert Wilders.  (thanks to BNI for the tip)

What puzzles me is where Russian TV and Al Jizz find all these blathering  females that keep spinning this broken record. Are they all going through George Soros’s school of journalism which is paid for by the Islam-intern?


4 thoughts on “"In Europe People Are Pushing the Boundaries of Freedom of Speech"”

  1. Amsterdam Gets a Harsh Lesson in Islam 101


    In June 2011, Geert Wlders was prosecuted for simply making a film “Fitrna”, and Islam’s totalitarian ideology. And yet when an imam publicy tells the same, quoting chapter and verse from the koran, the Dutch authorities excused it on the basis of freedom of expression.

    These are the kind of double standards practised by the fascist left both in Britain and Holland: Ignore the evils preached by Islamists but prosecute the non Muslims who reveal them. The totalitarian Left unites with Islam in their objective to destroy the culture and traditions of Britain and Europe. Their first objective is Christianity, on whose pillars much of Western civilisation rests.

    But then, you cant blame the Leftists for targeting Christianity as their number one enemy.

  2. “its hard to know who poses the greatest terror threat….’”
    “is equally as dangerous as Muslim terrorism, maybe more.!”

    Standard empirical testing:
    I shall stand and scream insults – while my friend here hits him over the head with a brick.
    Afterwards, he can decide which is ‘most harmful’ to his health and happiness.

  3. Sheesh … Guess I’d better prepare for Geert to fly a jet into my house.

    Muslim: “Kill all infidels/Jews/Christians/whatever, destroy the civilized world, etc.” … deafening silence

    Non-Muslim: “We fear Muslims” … wailing and gnashing of teeth, threats, screaming, screeching, howling, media flood, lawsuits, arrests, national news stories, bombings, murders, groveling apologies by Western “elites” …

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