India Muslims Decry Assam "Ethnic Cleansing"

‘Ethnic cleansing’ is a ‘right’ only Muslims can practice,  going back to the days of Moe. Blowback is un-Islamic. Non Muslims have no right to defend themselves. Note also how the Muslim lobby manufactures history, calling the invading Bangladeshi ‘settlers’ “Indian citizens”.  Sure, they were Indian citizens once, before East Pakistan seceded from India and became Bangladesh. (OnIslam)

Muslim leaders condemned branding Bengali speaking Indian citizens as “illegal immigrants or Bangladeshi settlers”.

“Tagging Indian citizens who have been living in Assam for centuries as illegal immigrants or Bangladeshi settlers” is “most unfortunate.”

MUMBAI – A group of Muslim NGOs have condemned the recent violence in Assam and Uttar Pradesh in a meeting in Mumbai, terming the ongoing killing of Muslims in Assam as “planned ethnic cleansing.”

The state government of Tarun Gogoi has “virtually failed to protect its innocent citizens,” the meeting NGOs said, website reported on Friday, July 27.

Held in Mumbai, Thursday’s meeting was attended by Mahmood Ahmad Khan Daryabadi, general secretary All India Ulama Council, Burhanuddin Qasmi, director Markazul Ma’arif Education and Research Centre and Farid Shaikh, president Mumbai Aman Committee.

It was also attended by Dr Azimuddin, president Movement for Human Welfare and Haroon Muzawala, Trustee Khair-e Ummat Trust.

Sectarian violence erupted last Friday after four youths were killed by unidentified men in the isolated Kokrajhar district.

In retaliation, armed men from Bodo tribes attacked Muslims for suspicion of being behind the killings.

Clashes spread to the neighboring Chirang and Dhubri districts over the weekend, leaving at least 22 people dead.

Thousands of people were also left homeless as their villages were set on fire in the violence.

Surrounded by China, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Bhutan, Assam is home to more than 200 ethnic and tribal groups and has been racked by separatist revolts since India’s independence from Britain in 1947.

In recent years, Hindu and Christian tribes have vented strong sentiments against Muslims, calling them Bangladeshi immigrants.

The Muslim leaders also condemned branding Bengali speaking Indian citizens as “illegal immigrants or Bangladeshi settlers”.

“Tagging Indian citizens who have been living in Assam for centuries as illegal immigrants or Bangladeshi settlers” is “most unfortunate.”

Except that they didn’t. Note also, that while there are constant purges in Pakistan and in Bangladesh against the remaining Christians & Hindus India has allowed almost 160 million Muslims to remain. Non Muslims are without rights in muslim countries; Muslims enjoy all rights in an infidel nation state.

Gov’t Failure

A similar message was employed by a group of Muslim MPs, demanding central intervention to end the ongoing ethnic clashes in lower Assam.

“There is failure somewhere,” Congress leader K Rahman Khan said after meeting home minister P Chidambaram.

“We have lost confidence in the state government’s ability to control violence and demanded central intervention.”

His remarks come amid reports that it was the Centre that had first alerted Assam about the first incident, which eventually became a full-blown crisis resulting in deaths of at least 42 people in the past seven days.

“District administration appeared to sit quietly till a strong missive went to the state from the home ministry”, said an official, adding it was strange that the ‘incidents’ which saw killing of two Muslims and four Bodos did not wake up the local police administration.

Muslims account for 160 million of India’s 1.1 billion people, the world’s third-largest Muslim population after those of Indonesia and Pakistan.

 Bragging with highly inflated numbers is common for Koranimals.
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5 thoughts on “India Muslims Decry Assam "Ethnic Cleansing"”

  1. Mohammad Ali Jinnah gave three reasons why they needed a separate homeland for the Muslims. He said the Muslims are apart from the Hindus by language, race and religion. It is on these grounds that India was partitioned into three parts to create India and East and West Pakistan. East Pakistan later became Bangladesh. Since the Muslims are apart from the Hindus for the aforementioned reasons, why are there Muslims still in India? They should send packing to their homeland.

  2. Grievance theater, well rehearsed:

    “Targeted Massacre of Minorities in Assam”

    It is all about xenophobia!

    “Muslims are victims!”

    Persecution of minorities in Assam, India

    There is unrest in Assam, neighboring Indian state to Bangladesh. It is burning. Once again the extremist Assamese are killing Bengali speaking people that have lived there for centuries. Entire villages have been burnt down while the state administration remains curiously clueless and indifferent.

  3. BLA BLA BLA, @ sheiykh machin, vous commencez a nous emm…. grave avec votre victimisation et votre proselytisme continuel!, vous etes des agresseurs constants dans le monde ET dans l’histoire, et vous voudriez passer pour des innocents et pacifistes.. vraiment vous etes pathetiques! remettez vous en question et peut-etre un jour l’opinion mondiale sur vous changeras… d’ici la, bonne continuation…

  4. winx
    Nous pouvons traduire, mais si vous êtes trop paresseux pour utiliser la langue du blog ne vous embêtez pas à commenter. Par ailleurs, les musulmans ne sont pas les victimes ici, ils sont plutôt les agresseurs.

    We can translate, but if you are too lazy to use the language of the blog do not bother to comment. Incidentally, muslims are not the victims here, rather they are the aggressors.

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