Iraq refuses to take back thousands of asylum seekers who have lost the right to stay in Britain

Newly free and democratic Iraq refuses to take back  soldiers soldiers of allah who settled in infidel lands?

But of course: that would defeat the purpose of the hijra, which is to settle in infidel lands and dislodge the infidels from power.

Missionary warriors who made hijra (immigration) to the dar ul harb, where they are now positioned behind enemy lines, at the expense of  naive infidels who somehow believed they were persecuted when they took them in, come for one purpose before all others: to spread the word  of allah, to make Islam the dominant religion, to make Islam victorious over all other religions. Iraq is not alone  in refusing to take back these migrants; just about all Muslim nations have a surplus of young men which they are unable to feed;  so why  take them back when naive kafirs try to return illegal, in most cases criminal asylum seekers, who are not simply seeking a ‘better life’, but  have evolved into missionary bandits in their struggle,which they call jihad?  Because that is the right path, the right way in the eyes of allah. And allah knows best, and thou knoweth not; and allah commands it.

Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia, Lebanon, Nigeria, Senegal and many others refuse to take back their illegal migrants. The humanity of the kafirs and their foolish system of laws and rights, rights that are not and never will be reciprocated or granted under Islam, will be maxed out to spread the religion of the prophet. Islam, nothing but Islam. Nothing else matters.

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The Iraqi parliament has blocked the repatriation of thousands of asylum seekers who have lost the right to remain in Britain.

It has banned the forced return from Europe of tens of thousands of Iraqis and threatened to fine airlines that deliver deportees.

Failed asylum seekers have already been turned back at the border, said the refugee support group that pushed for the change.

Daily Mail thanks to Vlad Tepes

2 thoughts on “Iraq refuses to take back thousands of asylum seekers who have lost the right to stay in Britain”

  1. Well good luck Britain with these savages, struck with these blood sucking parasites for life. Better to drop them in the Atlantic.

  2. Why would Iraq take its citizens back from Britain?

    They were sent as part of Hijra Jihad policy against the Infidels. To take them back would be un-Islamic.

    As long as we don’t understand how the war is being waged, we will continue to lose it.

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