Islamic Jihadists Using Switzerland as Base

Swiss analysts say the initiative of “Ummah Schweiz” is an effort to establish “parallel” legislative body in Switzerland that will be a mouthpiece for the Islamic fundamentalists, who are seeking to impose Sharia law on the country. With representatives in all 26 cantons, the group will be fully functional in 2013.  (by Soeren Kern/Gatestone Institute)

In other news:

15’000 police agents not enough in Switzerland!

Sonntags BLICK met Jean-Marc Widmer, the top representant of Switzerland’s police union. Widmer strongly demands more personnel and he is ready to break taboos, too.

The crim’s are mostly asylum seekers and criminal “tourists.”

French gangs act with an ever increasing aggressively.”French gangs” means Muslims, Algerians and Moroccans, mostly.  Police openly complain about the fact that criminal tourists simply laugh at them. No sooner arrested, they are set free again.—Vlad Tepes:  Switzerland!