Islam is not a race

But note that conflating Islam with race is used  to shut down any criticism of Islamic terror:

PA: Moment of silence at Olympics would be racism It would “be a cause of division and spreading racism,” says the President of the Palestinian Olympic Committee. (July 26, 2012)

It would “be a cause of division and spreading racism,” says the President of the Palestinian Olympic Committee.

No division or racism to see here:

Lebanese Olympic Team Demands Barrier Separation From Israel Squad (and IOC complies)

Lebanon’s two judokas found themselves next to the five Israelis during practice at the official training venue in Redbridge, in east London, said Nitzan Ferraro, spokesman for the Israeli Olympic Committee.  Craven and cowardly Olympic organizers accepted the Lebanese coach’s demand to separate the teams, erecting a barrier so that the Lebanese team wouldn’t see the Israeli one. Islamic Jew-hatred, it’s in the quran.

Saudi Arablia has threatened to withdraw from London 2012 over the refusal of the organisers to allow judo team member Wujdan-Shahrkhani to wear a hijab in competition.  (She is badly in need of a shave.)

Some see through the BS:

A Conservative MP  sparked a major backlash by dismissing the Olympic opening ceremony as ‘leftie multicultural c***’.

  • ‘The most leftie opening ceremony I have ever seen – more than Beijing, the capital of a communist state! Welfare tribute next?’
  • Shortly afterwards he added: ‘Thank God the athletes have arrived! Now we can move on from leftie multicultural c***. Bring back red arrows, Shakespeare and the Stones!’

Saudis send “prostitutes” to compete in Olympics

“While the world plays, Muslims are being killed around the globe”.

“It will be one of the biggest demonstrations that the Muslim community has put on in the UK,” said organiser Mizanur Rahman said, estimating that “easily hundreds” would attend.  Rahman served a four-year jail term for encouraging followers to kill British and American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq during a protest in 2006.  This group claims it has permission from the UK too protest the UK for its persecution of Muslims!  Click to continue!


Security isn’t the only area of the London Olympics that has been dominated, captured and enslaved by Islamists and Islam.

Islam is dominating, enslaving and capturing the Olympics, making a mockery of the Olympic motto and Olympic ideals. It also means the IOC supports terrorist acts against Israelis, supports Islamists murdering Jews in the name of Islam, because in refusing to hold a minute of silence it is for all intents and purposes sanctioning and supporting them instead of repudiating them.

The Olympic motto? Meaningless words. Olympic ideals? They don’t exist in any meaningful way.

If we’re not careful and don’t fight back to preserve, protect and defend our values, ideals, institutions and way of life they’ll dominate, capture and enslave us too.   Read more:

“Fire Worshippers!”

A Muslim protests the olympics because they are all “fire worshipers”

Anjem Choudary’s gang had been given permission to protest the olympics because the UK discriminates against Muslims so much apparently.  Of course, as is the case two times out of three, most of them didn’t show. But a couple did. (Vlad Tepes vid!)

Good Riddance:

Newsweek Magazine, Which Mocked Obama’s ‘Dumb’ Critics, to Cease Publishing Print Edition

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  1. What? does anyone really expect the IOC not to comply? The IOC has more serious issues on their mind like, how to spend the kickbacks and what college they can bribe their way into for their children.

    The Summer Olympics should be permanently held in Greece and the corrupt IOC reduced in size.

  2. You know, it’s not just about Israeli weight lifters and coaches murdered. It’s also about tens of millions of sane people in the civilized world who were outraged and saddened by the actions of Muslim terrorists during that Olympics of 1972. The refusal of that old Nazi, Rogge, to have a minute of silence, is a vile insult to all of us whose lives were changed forever that Summer day. Islam poisons everything.

    Did I miss it or did Costas chicken out with his plan to have a minute of silence?

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