"It is time to end the Arab occupation of Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and North Africa."

Syrian-French writer Adnan Azzam:

“They believe that the Arabs are occupying Iraq, Syria, North Africa, and Egypt.”

Evil Zionists who live in his head would agree. Except that this stuff is on nobody’s book, and it is certainly  not the game plan of the Muselputz  Obama.

Once again, we see the psychology of the muselman on display:  insane rants, inflamed brains,  abysmal Jew-hatred , paranoia, envy and conspiracy theories. None of it  makes any sense, except to them. Because this so called intellectual, this ‘writer’, imagines what Arabs would do in this situation and projects his obsession with reconquest on us.


Syrian-French Writer Adnan Azzam: MEMRI President Yigal Carmon Lived in Homs, Syria, and Is Free Syrian Army Liaison with Zionist Lobby

Following are excerpts from an interview with Syrian-French writer Adnan Azzam, Chevalier of the Order of the Légion d’Honneur, which aired on Al-Dunya TV on June 15, 2012.

Adnan Azzam: If you recall, last year, the first time I visited this studio, we talked about the media war taking place in Europe, and especially in France. Both in France and in Washington – those two capitals – a media war against Syria is taking place. They are mobilizing all their resources for the sake of this war – both their material and human resources.

Today, I have chosen to read from a translation of this book, which is a very important book. Nobody in Syria has translated it before.

Interviewer: Is it an old book?

Adnan Azzam: It was published about a year ago, at the beginning of the war on Syria. It is titled: The Zionist Lobby in American Politics [sic]. I have chosen the following translated excerpts. It deals, of course, with the Zionist lobby, and says:

“… This is one of the branches of the Zionist lobby in the USA, and it organizes the Syrian opposition, from the [Syrian National] Council in Istanbul to the militias of the Free Syrian Army. Dozens of Jewish researchers work in this institute, including the splinter group known as the Jewish Group against Syria. Most of them also operated in a group that supervised the destruction of Iraq, by means of killings and assassinations of Iraqi human resources, such as the assassination of scientists and of the senior military officers, and the destruction of infrastructure.

“Among the most well-known people heading this institute are Martin Indyk, Dennis Ross, and Negroponte, who are experts in criminal operations and sectarian strife. They have used the most brutal and sadistic means in history in order to achieve their goals, such as beheadings and dramatic assassinations…” – that is what we are seeing today, of course – “… in addition to huge explosions in populated areas.

“Another well-known member of this institute is Noah Feldman, who prepared the constitution of the US-occupied Iraq, and who is now commissioned to prepare a constitution for Syria, after its occupation and division into sectarian states have been completed.

“This group operates in full harmony and cooperation with the Mossad, and especially with the officer Yigal Carmon, the liaison with the Free Syrian Army, who visited Tripoli many times in the guise of a journalist, and who was living in the Baba Amr neighborhood of Homs, when it was under the control of the militias.

“The members of this institute work hand in hand with the most Zionist Jews in the world, especially in France. These include Bernard-Henri Lévi, of whom we have heard much. He is a personal friend of Netanyahu, and he engineered the NATO intervention in Serbia, Afghanistan, and Libya. The latter, Bernard-Henri Lévi, is now working with David Pollock, to formulate a Libya-like scenario for Syria, and to implement the plan for constructive anarchy in Syria.

“All this is in order to destroy the Middle East…” – and this is the most important part – “…and to move to the phase of Israel the Superpower…” Beforehand, they used the term Greater Israel, the borders of which extend from the Euphrates to the Nile, and now they have moved to the phase of Israel the Superpower.

“This is the final stage in the building of the Zionist entity, which requires dealing with the Middle East as territorial fair game.” This means that nothing will remain in this land but Israel the Superpower, and there will be nothing around it but fragile entities, economic entities with no sovereignty, no army, and no national flag.

The article is long, of course, and it ends with a quote by Pollock: “It is time to end the Arab occupation of Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and North Africa.” They believe that the Arabs are occupying Iraq, Syria, North Africa, and Egypt.

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