Michael Coren: Zionism, The Olympics, and al BeBeeCeera Venom

Sucking up to their Muselmanic masters while spitting on Jews? But of course: this is the new world order. Just like it used to be.

Vlad Tepes Video presents:

Abject Dhimmitude:

The International Olympic Committee allowed one moment of silence to be held, but not to honor the 11 Israeli athletes and coaches who were killed at the 1972 Munich Olympics, the IOC permitted a video tribute to the 52 people who were killed in the suicide bombings in the London transit system the day after the city won the Games in 2005.  The IOC has steadfastly tried to forget the horror of Munich, and here was another example of their reprehensible oversight by honoring some, but not all.

Atlas links:

“Palestinian” Authority thanks International Olympic Committee for refusing to honor Munich victims (& Abbas’ role in the massacre)

“Enacting and holding a moment of silence for the victims of this atrocity is not some wild request: it is a moral requirement. Shame on them.”

The IOC’s naked antisemitism is depraved, inhuman and barbaric.

PA thanks IOC for refusing to honor Munich victims (& Abbas’ role in the massacre) July 27, 2012, Tom Gross Dispatch

* Palestinian President Abbas played a key role in enabling Munich Olympics massacre

It gets worse:

Lebanese Olympic Team Demands Barrier Separation From Israel Squad (and IOC complies)

US Jewish Federations to Drop ‘Zionism’ from their Plans

This is the most mind-numbing and sickening news. What is the point of these fat, bloated, morally bankrupt organizations? Theie attempt to distance themselves from Israel is suicidal. Jewicidal. The Jewish people are Israel. It’s like saying that I want to distance myself from myself. Or I want my heart removed from my body. I don’t want it anymore.

The kapos had a gun to their head. What is the Federation’s excuse?

There is such a vacuum in Jewish lay leadership in America. It is devastating.

US Jewish Federations to Drop ‘Zionism’ from their Global Plans The Jewish Press, Lori Lowenthal Marcus