MuBro's like their American passports for their 'personal freedom'

American  born MuBro’s prefer freedom:

President Morsy’s children that were born in the United States, will not give up their US citizenship because it is their personal freedom.

There’s an  irony here which can’t be overlooked.

It’s popular in Islamist circles to criticize Western immorality, as exemplified by the United States. Here’s just one example: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Muhammad Badi —the group’s “Supreme Guide” – said in a 2010 sermon that the U.S. was “heading towards its demise” and was doomed to collapse due to its being “immoral.”

Dual citizenship is allowed under Egyptian law. It appears even for the most hardline Egyptian patriots and Muslim Brotherhood loyalists, the allure of a U.S. passport is just too precious a thing to pass up.

2 thoughts on “MuBro's like their American passports for their 'personal freedom'”

  1. Muslims proselytising on immorality in anyway, has to be one of the funniest things I have heard in ages. The sad part is, it was not meant as satire.

  2. my lord jesus tell us thou shalt not kill. Why is there so much killing
    in the middle east, over religion? My God has died and reserected. has
    your has yours?

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