Muslim Crime "Fighter" Fadi Abdul-Rahman Bashes Estranged Wife Green & Blue as per Qur'an 4:34

My KRuddness!

PROMINENT Muslim youth leader” Fadi Abdul-Rahman  has quite a history of cultural enrichment:  in May 27, 2012 he  has been charged with possessing more than $1.5 million worth of cocaine. (No, we are not saying that KRudd was his best customer!)

Police allege 36-year-old Fadi Abdul-Rahman, who featured in Kevin Rudd’s 2020 Summit in 2008 and has been a fighter for justice in western Sydney, was part of a commercial cocaine syndicate that was caught with 5kg of the drug hidden in a chess set.

“ANTI-CRIME crusader” Fadi Abdul-Rahman has been accused of bashing his estranged wife “black and blue” at her Yagoona home.

Muslim leader Abdul-Rahman, who featured at Kevin Rudd’s 2020 Summit in 2008 and has been a fighter for justice in western Sydney, was charged with assaulting his wife on February 6.

Despite being the alleged victim, Abdul-Rahman’s wife is now wedged between her religion, her husband and the NSW legal system after a Sydney court threatened to arrest her if she refused to give evidence when her husband’s case next appears in court. (Herald Sun)

The ex-boxer screamed “f … … let me in”, ripped a door security screen, forced his way into the house, and bashed his wife of 16 years, leaving her with two black eyes, court documents said.

Abdul-Rahman is charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, aggravated break and enter and home invasion, and will face a committal hearing next month.

Lawyer Brett Galloway said Abdul-Rahman will defend the matter and has no case to answer

Abdul-Rahman, 35, became a prominent figure for his work in steering Lebanese youth away from a life of crime, and was the subject of SBS and ABC TV documentaries.

Court documents said on the night of the alleged assault, Mrs Abdul-Rahman spoke to police. An officer asked her “who did this to you?” and she replied: “My husband.”

The officer then told her: “I cannot help you without the truth in what happened”.

Mrs Abdul-Rahman has refused to make a formal statement after speaking to her mosque’s sheik and to family members, court documents said. Police have made several further unsuccessful approaches to Mrs Abdul-Rahman.

In Burwood Local Court on June 28, magistrate Michael Connell ordered that if Mrs Abdul-Rahman does not appear in court on July 8 he “may consider” issuing an arrest warrant.

Court documents said police, called to the house by neighbours, found Mrs Abdul-Rahman with bruised eyes.

Police allege Abdul-Rahman went into a “rage” when his wife told him to “go away”, court documents said.

An officer at the house viewed a mobile phone which received a text message that said: “It’s OK to answer your phone. Make sure (Mrs Abdul-Rahman) is not talking”, court documents said.

The matter will return to court on August 6.

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  1. The guy is a crim. . Amusing that krudd almost licked his boots. What a joke the ALP are!!!!

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