Muslim Jokes Leave Many Hot & Bothered

Mind boggling Pandering to Muselmaniacs in the UK:

“Police officer caused major terror alert after ringing colleagues with a coded ‘bomb threat’ for a joke”–

You’ll die laughing! “Police officer caused major terror alert after ringing colleagues with a coded ‘bomb threat’ for a joke,” by Ryan Kisiel for the Daily Mail, July 25 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

A police officer caused a major terrorism alert after ringing a busy port with a hoax bomb threat.

PC Hatef Nezami, 48, rang colleagues at the police Special Branch office with a coded message that a device was placed in a busy port.

He’s a Koranimal. No charges will be launched against him.

Senior officers in the force are frustrated that the matter has not been taken further and believe a criminal investigation should be launched….

Curry Princess off the hook:

Another blow for the anti-Warsi witch-hunters – she is “cleared” over parliamentary expenses allegations–the UK, a place where Mohammedan crime  is being rewarded and no Islamic terrorist is left behind…..

‘You burn our poppy, we burn your mosque’–

Three EDL members promptly arrested.

If you  dress in Mohammedan rags and scream ‘death to Jews’ and ‘kill all those who insult Muhammad’ the Islamo-pandering UK government rewards you. If you  wave placards saying “no to radical Islam” you are being arrested, vilified and destroyed.–EDL protestors chanted ‘You burn our poppy, we burn your mosque’

‘Victims of Bachmann Witch Hunt’

The Puff-Ho examines  spins the cases of Mohamed Elibiary, Mohamed Magid and Dalia Mogahed.

Elibiary, who serves as an advisor for the Department of Homeland Security, says of Michele Bachmann and her colleagues:

“They feel like there’s no consequences to what they’re doing, no negativity, and they just wrap themselves in the flag like they’re the only uber-patriots out there. There are real peoples’ lives that are affected. This is a witch hunt to just make sure that we ruin every Muslim who is serving in any capacity in the government, period.”

See also “Well paid Islamophobe Frank Gaffney and the Center for Security Policy’s crusade against American Muslims”, Straight Record, 25 July 2012

No Sharia Divorce? 

‘Family law in this country is biased against Muslim people.’…

No Sharia divorce in UK: Muslim told to pay ex-wife maintenance even though he owes her nothing according to Islamic law

Sharia and Western law are incompatible and the conflicts will inevitably grow, but the Infidels are standing their ground on this one in the UK. For now. At least until they get hit with a cascade of “Islamophobia” charges. Dr. Zaid al-Saffar is already playing the victim. “You can’t use sharia law in divorce deal: Muslim hospital consultant told to pay ex-wife maintenance despite claims he owes her nothing under Islamic rules,” by Steve Doughty for the Daily Mail, July 25 (JW):

A Muslim hospital consultant was told yesterday that he must pay his ex-wife maintenance even though under Islamic rules he believes he owes her nothing.

No Joke

The Catholic primary school where 90 per cent of the pupils are Muslim
It was built in the 1930s to cater for large numbers of Irish families moving to the area.

Now, in a sign of changing times, a Catholic primary school in Birmingham has an intake that is 90 per cent Muslim.


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