Muslims get away with anything…..

When allah meets mental mush:

A lack of respect for our borders and for marriage

The people minding the gates seem to be sweet to tricksters and sour on marriage:

The Migration Review Tribunal has recommended that 46-year-old Lebanese woman Ghada Moussa be allowed to stay in Australia even though she entered into an arranged marriage with a 55-year-old Adelaide man she barely knew amid allegations he was paid $20,000 to marry her…

“The short inception and the fact Ms Moussa has relatives in Australia could suggest the marriage to Mr Youssef was arranged to enable Ms Moussa to migrate to Australia. The tribunal believes this is the case,” it ruled

“However, it is not necessarily inconsistent with a genuine marriage relationship that it was entered into by one of the parties with a view to material benefit or advancement, such as to achieve a particular migration outcome.

Somehow I detect in this decision a certain ideology.

Does Miss Moussa have means to support herself, or is it that  I must work a bit harder?

One thought on “Muslims get away with anything…..”

  1. Well, people marry for all kinds of reasons. Getting citizenship in a Western country is one reason. Who are we romantic Western fools to say it is wrong?
    Actually, I’m beginning to think marriage should be banned. People do it for all the wrong reasons these days; to advance the gay/Muslim agendas is rather spoiling the concept of marriage. It may be corrupted beyong repair.

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