Obama puts Egypt's Muslim Brothers firmly in power

Removing the last hindrances to the establishment of sharia and the caliphate:

  • Last month the Supreme Constitutional Court found that the legislature had been elected using an unconstitutional method.
  • Now Mohamed Morsi has defied Egypt’s top court and its powerful military council by ordering the country’s dissolved parliament back to work.
  • Instantly, Obama invites Morsi to an official visit to the U.S. which legitimizes  the MuBro’s. Obama thereby sends a clear warning to the military and the judiciary:  BACK OFF… or we pull the plug on funding you….

Egypt’s president orders return of parliament

Other offerings from Egypt:

Sharia in action in Egypt: Islamic supremacists attack pool hall, shooting and seriously injuring four

Clearly, violent Sharia enforcers are considerably emboldened in “Arab Spring” Egypt: “In Egypt, ‘bearded men’ attack pool hall seriously injuring four,” by Manar Ammar forBikya Masr, July 8 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Egypt: “Sharia Harassers” Attack Non-Veiled Women

 As reported days after Muhammad Morsi was proclaimed president, self-styled “Sharia-enforcers,” not unlike those in Saudi Arabia, began roaming the streets of Egypt, attacking and killing those not deemed “moral” enough—including a 22-year-old student, who was stabbed to death by “bearded, religious Muslims,” for walking with his fiancé and refusing to divulge their relationship.

Our Paki ‘Friends’ Could Also Use Another Couple o’ Billion:

Pakis rally against reopening NATO supply routes (Gary Rumain)

The jihad must go on:

This would be the same “leader” of Egypt’s new president, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muhammad Morsi—and the man whom some have even portrayed as the true power behind Egypt’s presidency, with Morsi acting as his puppet.

According to last Thursday’s edition of Al Wafd, during his weekly sermon, “Muhammad Badi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide, confirmed the necessity for every Muslim to strive to save al-Quds [Jerusalem] from the hands of the rapists [Israelis] and to cleanse Palestine from the clutches of the occupation, deeming this an individual duty for all Muslims.”

More specifically, he “called on all Muslims to wage jihad with their money and their selves to free al-Quds”—the same exact language one finds in al-Qaeda’s tracts.

If this is the position of the Supreme Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, what can one expect from the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt?  Calls for Jihad on Israel (JW)