PA TV shows painting of Jew impaling and eating children

From Palestinian Media Watch thanks to the Elder of Ziyon

PA TV host: “Artist Abd Al-Hai Msallam has been dealing with the Palestinian nation’s problems, such as the Gaza massacres. What have you been working on lately? This painting is about the Gaza massacre.”

Artist Abd Al-Hai Msallam: “Here I show the people, the children, and the Zionist enemy’s cruelty and savagery.”

 The “USA” on the bayonet is a nice touch

[The painting shows a monster impaling children on his bayonet and eating them one by one. On the lower right, dead children are piled up to be eaten and two baby monsters are also shown eating children. The three monsters wear skull caps with a Star of David. The scene takes place in the monster’s underground lair, just under cacti that are growing on the surface. A Star of David is also painted on the lock of the lair.]

It is remarkable that Pal-Arabs are projecting their own “culture” on Jews.
Arabs-Muslims are living in dark ages without any hope to get out of them.
They abuse children, slaughter and torture defeated enemies.
The child abuse, particularly the sodomy against young boys is everywhere. Even their leader, Yassir Arafat was raping young boys.
Remarkably he did that even when he went on official visits to East Europe, as documented by the chief of Romanian KGB, Ion Mihai Pacepa.


The new Egypt tightens up anti-alcohol rules–Tourism Minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour Tourism has modified the rules for tourist facilities, such as restaurants, nightclubs and hotels, by banning the sale of alcohol beverages to Egyptians on all religious occasions and not just during Ramadan, in respect for Muslims.

This is of course a law aimed at Egyptian Christians.

But that’s nothing. Saudi Arabia takes the gold medal in religious coercion:

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior urged non-Muslims residing in the kingdom to respect Muslims, who are fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, by not eating openly or else face serious consequences that include deportation.

The non-Muslim expatriates in this country should respect the sentiments of Muslims by not eating, drinking and smoking in public places, including roads and workplaces,” stated an Interior Ministry statement issued by the Saudi Press Agency, adding that violators will be either deported or sacked. 

“Being a non-believer of Islam does not exempt an expatriate from being inconsiderate of the feelings of Muslims and the Islamic symbols of this country.”