Pal-Arabs Claim Church of Nativity

Of course they do. The world and everything in it belongs to allah and his profit. That claim goes way beyond the birthplace of Jesus.

Netanyahu, Christian and Jewish Groups Slam UN for Placing Church of Nativity in “Palestine”

The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem on Friday became the first World Heritage Site to be listed under the name of Palestine.

“The world needs to remember that the Church of the Nativity, which is sacred to Christianity, has been desecrated in the past by Palestinian terrorists.”—Read More »

This is what our troops fought and died for. This is what we expended billions for: a Jew-hating, rapidly Islamizing client state of Iran. “Baghdad welcomes all relations but rejects ties with Israel: Iraqi PM,” from Al Arabiya, July 1 (thanks to JW):

Muslim Brotherhood’s victory good omen for Fakestinian struggle

Evarist Kagaruki/  The Citizen via Mullah

We are going to see a major shift in the balance of power in the region, with countries like Iran, Syria (with or without President Bashar al Assad) and (“new”) Egypt re-asserting their sovereign authority and influence to shape the region’s future.

Indeed, we are going to see the Arab/Muslim masses increasingly demanding freedom and an end to the decades-old occupation of Palestine by the arrogant Jewish State..

Surely the Imam Rauf and Boy Reza Aslan are already on their way to Zarqa to explain to Omar Mahdi Zeidan how he is misunderstanding Islam and Sharia, which is benign and fully compatible with the U.S. Constitution (according to Rauf) or so amorphous as to be impossible to characterize (according to Aslan). “Jordanian cleric extols jihad at funeral of AQAP fighter,” from the Pakistan Observer, July 1:via JW  (Can’t they have a little interfaith dialogue with this guy and straighten him our?)

Revenge even in victory. “Egypt Christians ‘Killed’ After Election Morsi,” fromBosNewsLife, June 30 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):