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“”So many Africans in Greece at least West Nile mosquitoes will eat homemade food.”

Triple jumper Voula  Papachristou, 23, was removed from the Greek Olympic team on Wednesday over a remark she made on Twitter.

 “The only racism in Greece is the racism against the Greeks. Anybody who says even a word against illegal immigrants is held up to public ridicule.”



9 thoughts on “Quote of the Week”

  1. She seems like a nice young girl. She should may able to keyboard how she feels about some subjects and not have some people make a mountain out an ant hill by making such a terrible fuss over some small remark.

  2. What’s racist about this? Was she being racist against the mosquitoes?

    Who ever made this idiotic decision to remove her from the team is a racist, because only a racist could read so much into a funny tweet to think that it rises to a crime big enough to expel someone from the team.

  3. Probably a Greek guy did it or someone else who runs the team. She is really pretty a wanna see a wikipedia page.

  4. Well, let’s just say if she was a Saudi and said that about the ‘abeed’ in that country, it would be very funny and she would be the third woman on the Olympic team. But then again, how do you do a triple jump in a niqab ?

  5. This is the way it is going in Europe and England… the PC and MC menatality is insane! No longer can you say the truth. God help us all. The Grek who decided to drop this pretty al from their team is obviously under the EU PC and MC mentality…poor man.

  6. ha. Any Aussie who grew up in Australia in the 1970s or 1980s remember the Greeks at school. They were always race conscious and would come out with a crazy excalamations like “we invented your alphabet” and “we invented civilization”. They would also fight 3 to one etc and get help from their cousins. I remember other Greeks like Mary Kalantzis and Andrew Theophanus and their continuous attacks on Australian culture and their pushing for multiculturalism. The first time I realised that multiculturalism was something more than yiros and circle dancing was watching Mary on a tv interview. It was clear that this was something she intended to change Australia with. If one thinks about it around the time Multiculturalism became vogue in 1975 is around the time that jobs started to become scarce, industry declined and the standard of living began to drop. Now today one could say that our parents generation had it easier than the people of today.

  7. I am standing by this athlete. It is outrageous that some dim collar weasel can destroy the dreams and an immense of amount of work for no reason. I want the people who did this to the athlete punished to the full extent of the law. Nothing by their blood will satisfy the debt that they now owe to all athletes.

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