Rush Defends Bachmann: 'She's Simply Doing Her Job'

Rush Limbaugh Defends Michele Bachmann’s Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy

Anyone that’s looked into this issue knows Bachmann is 100% correct. The useful idiots are out in force on this one.

BTW, everyone accused by McCarthy was proven guilty by the Venona papers. The MB is following the communist model to a tee and once again the State Department is being played for suckers.

Business Insider

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh gave an impassioned defense of Michele Bachmann today, standing up for the Minnesota Congresswoman who has come under fire for suggesting that top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

“She’s doing her Constitutional duty,” Limbaugh said on his daily radio show today. “Bachmann’s inquiry is justified — and there is no reason to tar and feather her. It is a legitimate question to know if one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides poses a national security threat because of her parents ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“Republicans line up to rip Michele Bachmann.”  (Breitbart)

Bachmann found herself persona non grata last week over a letter that she and four other conservative members of Congress sent to the State Department requesting an inquiry into Abedin, who is also the wife of former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner. The letter drew harsh reactions from Establishment Republicans, including Arizona Senator John McCain, who tore into Bachmann for the letter in a floor speech, and House Speaker John Boehner, who called the accusations “very dangerous.”

But Limbaugh said he thinks Bachmann’s questions about Abedin are legitimate, adding that he believes the criticism is part of “an effort by the Republican Establishment to take Bachmann out.” 

Listen to the clip below, courtesy of the Daily Rushbo:

Writes one poster:

McCain is a backstabbing coward. He never had a chance of winning, he was set up as the fall guy.  The more Romney acts like a coward, the more I believe he is a fall guy too, who has no intention on winning. He viciously attacked all of the conservative candidates & then he put on kid gloves to deal with Obama. If McCain were president instead of Obama we would be witnessing treachery on unimaginable proportions ….

Well, it couldn’t be much worse than it already is…..