The final betrayal of Serbia: Kosovo to gain full sovereignty

“Progress” means the Serbs lose their ancestral lands to the ummah:

Kosovo will finally gain full soverignty in September, almost four years after breaking away from Serbia, the International Steering Group [ISG] overseeing its independence has announced.

“The international supervision ends as of today,” said Michael Spindelegger, Austrian foreign minister, who hosted the event in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

In January, the 25-nation ISG that includes several EU states besides Austria as well as Turkey and the US, had announced that the Balkan territory had made such progress that “supervised independence” could be lifted by the end of the year.  (Al Jizz has more)

2 thoughts on “The final betrayal of Serbia: Kosovo to gain full sovereignty”

  1. But will China and Russia recognise it?

    I hope not. The US is going to rue this. The Kosovo precedence is dangerous, as it will allow states who have the power to do what they wish.

  2. This proclamation of “unsupervised independence” is completely bogus. Nobody is talking about the future of KFOR (Kosovo Force) in Kosovo which is a NATO operation. Until KFOR leaves Kosovo, Albanian independence in Kosovo can hardly be considered unsupervised. And when KFOR leaves, Kosovo will return to the Serbs who have never yet and never will recognize Kosovo as an independent state.

    What is the future of NATO in Kosovo? An Albanian state of Kosovo will never be a NATO partner, it is too rotten to be a state at all and we certainly don’t want to see an Albanian Kosovo with a military.

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