The Humanity of the Taliban

We were told by the BBC to focus more on the humanity of the Taliban:

Andrew Bolt:

A video showing the public execution of a 22-year-old woman accused of adultery (above) in Afghanistan has been condemned by the government as un-Islamic and inhuman.

Let’s apply the Doucet rose-colored glasses and try to see this barbarity as, I don’t know … standing up for family values perhaps? A Taliban divorce

This kind of bravery is being rewarded, generously:

U.S., Japan, Germany, U.K. and other easy marks pledge $16 billion in jizya to Afghanistan

Money for jihad, courtesy its chief targets. “Afghanistan aid: Donors pledge $16bn at Tokyo meeting,” from the BBC, July 8

U.S. gives Afghanistan status of “major non-NATO ally,” shared with Australia, Egypt and Israel

Funding the Taliban with billions annually for years to come. The next time an Afghan soldier murders a group of American troops, remember: you paid for his weapon. Fantasy-Based Policymaking Update: “Hillary Clinton says Afghanistan ‘major non-Nato ally,'” from the BBC, July 7

Dancing with wolves. This photo has an eerie similarity with Madeleine Albright’s trip to North Korea, where she was handing over hundreds of million in aid  clinking champagne glasses with Kim Il Sung…..


Afghan officials say a suicide car bomb killed at least seven people and wounded 23 others in southern Afghanistan’s Kandahar city.

But wait: there’s more!

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  1. Come on guys its the religion of peace remember, and how dare we criticise their way of justice, the trial lasted 1 whole hour how much more time do people need to plead their case,
    Why dont they just drop the bomb on these people?

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