UK: Celebrating Failure

We know that multiculti failed. David Cameron said so, Germany’s Merkel said so and France’s Sarkozy said it.

Here’s another take:

Celebrating failure?

  • You bet: Toilet facilities  at London’s Olympic Park are built so Muslims will not have to face Mecca while sitting on the loo. The Daily Mail

Actors perform around huge chimneys symbolising the industrial revolution during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Again: we know that socialism and multiculti is a failure, so why is it being celebrated?

Really good analysis on the OIC refusal for a minute of silence for the slaughtered olympians 40 years ago.

This is about appeasement of a murderous ideology at the expense of those, who in some ways, were excellent examples of what the Olympics claim to be about.   Vlad Tepes Video:

In any case:

4 thoughts on “UK: Celebrating Failure”

  1. Rather poor show – and one of the bloody muzz designers complained because CNN didnt show his junk.

  2. I will take a view contrary to what is on the blogshere.

    Considering the contributions of Britain to civilisation, it would take a month to put it all on camera and celebrate. And if we did, then we would be accused of being proud and boastful.

    To take an example, a truly great genius, of the calibre of Newton, exhibits humility. Combine that with British self-deprecation and self-deprecating humour, and we have the Olympic ceremony. It is a mark of confidence rather then lack of it.

    The satisfying outcome is that from America to Australia, the lament is, how has it come to pass, that Britain so debases itself, considering what it has done for the world.

  3. I didn’t see it myself, but I understand that part of the opening ceremony involved a celebration of the national health care system.


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