67 “very aggressive asylum-seekers" hijack merchant vessel to Australia

67 Soldiers of allah in an act of piracy

They should have left  them  to drown with the boat they sank for the purpose of being ‘rescued’.

The critical difference between a leader and Gillard  (Andrew Bolt)

Tim Blair:

Rescue rage at sea: PARSIFAIL

The Coalition has demanded a criminal investigation into the diversion of a merchant ship to Christmas Island by “very aggressive” asylum-seekers.

UPDATE. Andrew Bolt: “Gillard had her chance. Typically, she missed it.”

Gillard did not take responsibility for the 1000 deaths, the 22,000 illegal arrivals or the $4.7bn budget blow-out.

Australians are used to Labor blowing the budget on its failed programs. That’s what Labor does best. But the shameless plunder of this Labor fraud is the pits. Australia deserves better.